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Tesco Blue Tokens

Great news, we came first in the local blue token scheme at Tesco, collecting the largest number of tokens across 3 stores during November and December. We will be given £5,000 which will go towards improving the Cuss Lane playground.

A huge Thank You to everyone who voted for us.


Safer Internet Day

As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding children and educating them about how to stay safe, we are supporting Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February 2018. On this day pupils will take part in a special Safer Internet assembly and will learn about internet safety in their classrooms at an age appropriate level.

Lots of information and advice for parents regarding online safety will soon be available on our new school website.


Maths Passports

At Cirencester Primary School we have now fully implemented the Maths Passports scheme for pupils to practise their mental recall skills such as times tables, doubles and halves, counting in steps, number bonds etc. A secure knowledge and fluency of these facts will have an extremely positive impact for pupils in all other areas of maths.

We are delighted that many children have achieved their first Passport award and have moved onto their next set of targets.