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Mrs S Scott - I have taught at Cirencester Primary School since 2012 and have watched the school grow and improve over that time. I feel a huge sense of loyalty to the children of this unique place, with their diverse mix of backgrounds and talents. The children here are particularly well-mannered and thoughtful to each other and to staff, and so welcoming to visitors. They are a group of children we all feel very proud of.

I have a First Class degree in Archaeology and a Masters in Education with distinction. My particular strengths lie in English, Art and the Humanities and I have helped to lead these subjects throughout my time here. My motto is ‘be the best you can be’ and I have high expectations that children strive to reach their true potential in all aspects of their lives. I also understand that school is life; it takes up the majority of each child’s day and should therefore be an enjoyable and welcoming place to spend their time. Learning should be challenging but must always be engaging or very little impact will be made on those learners. My big passion within school is reading. Regardless of age, background or ability, every child has the capacity to be ‘lost’ in a great story and I believe that regular access to quality literature, delivered and explored as a class, is invaluable. I have witnessed the impact this can make to a child’s learning across all subjects.

As a mother of four children, my time outside of school revolves around my family. We love being outdoors and spend our holidays climbing mountains or wild-camping in the Scottish Highlands. When feeling less energetic, I can usually be found curled up by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book! I also enjoy running and am fortunate enough to live in a secluded wooded area of this beautiful part of the country, perfect for outdoor pursuits including long walks with our enormous deerhound, Selkie.

C Baggus - I have had the privilege of working at Cirencester Primary School since it's creation in 2010 and have held several roles on the Senior Leadership team during the past seven years including; Ready Phase Leader of Learning, Steady Phase Leader of Learning, Assistant Headteacher, Acting Headteacher and now Deputy Headteacher. I am very proud to be part of the staff team who work tirelessly to create a positive, values-based school for our pupils, whilst providing countless wonderful learning opportunities. My teaching career began in 2005, when I joined Cirencester Infant school as a Newly Qualified Teacher. Since then, throughout the infant and primary school, I have taught in most year groups ranging from Reception to Year 6. I am currently part of the Year 6 teaching team, although I enjoy forming relationships with pupils throughout the school through my role as Deputy Head Teacher.

Mathematics is my specialist subject and is a subject which I particularly enjoy teaching and leading throughout the school. I am also a keen netball player and this is my main hobby outside of school. The rest of my time is spent with my young daughter and family.

Mrs R Bond
Ms S Szaniszlo -