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Advice On The Coronavirus For Places Of Education

Dear Parents/Carers


We have received useful guidance from the Department of Education regarding actions that will help to minimise the risk of coronavirus being spread in schools and I attach a copy of the information poster we have received.  It is giving advice on washing hands and using tissues if sneezing or coughing, have been displayed in student bathrooms. 


Do read the information in the attached poster and talk to your child in a way you feel is appropriate, to reassure and advise them or appropriate preventative measures they can take.


If you or your family have recently been on holiday to any of the areas affected, do please follow the guidance that can be found via the link below.


Link to Advice on Coronavirus and Travel


Thank you for your support.


Wendy Foster


New information 03-03-2020

Family Information Service - Advice & Help Line Details.