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During the Coronavirus - Some learning ideas to help keep all you little Buds busy!


A few brilliant ideas/websites to try over the coming weeks to help your child continue with their learning in a fun playful way.


Take care little Buds and stay safe, Mrs. Woodage smiley

More Activities & Ideas

Extra Ideas for all little Buds to try...

More exciting ideas for all you little Buds to try with your parents.

Have fun 'Buds' giving these a try!

Extra Ideas to keep you busy...

Some more activites for Buds to try - Enjoy!

Millie and Ruby have kindly shared these wonderful activities for you all to try.

Spreading the Joy...laugh


Enjoy seeing and sharing what our friends are busy doing during this terrible time.


What does a day in Buds room have in store for your precious little one?


A typical day for the Children in Buds room is always a new and exciting adventure although there are familiar experiences that the children encounter every day. Mrs Woodage and Mrs Hughes like to ensure that all the children experience a balanced routine of child initiated play and structured activities based around their exciting topics. These activities are specifically designed to support their physical, personal, social, emotional and educational development. Each session is planned thoughtfully by Mrs Woodage with the individual needs and interests of the children in mind and linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


Buds have a weekly session of Forest School which is based within the grounds of Cirencester Primary School. Forest School is invaluable and allows them to learn within a different environment; continually building their confidence and independence, they learn a feeling of empathy towards other children and nature, and are exposed to manageable risks, which allows them the opportunity to take risks in a safe way.  Buds also have a session of Gym each week which, builds upon their listening skills in a physical friendly way which throughout the year will enable us to introduce PE equipment which will help make them Reception ready for the start of school.


Buds are also given the opportunity to perform in a Christmas Production with Reception during the Christmas Term for all their parents and the Headmistress, Mrs Foster which helps build their confidence from an early age.


Lets have fun with mathematics!

Let's celebrate the exciting things your child has achieved or made with you at home. This could include; photographs, paintings, drawings, certificates or significant comments your child has made.

British Values

Winter Term 4




This Term Buds are learning all about ‘Growing’ – they are beginning to understand the lifecycle of a Sunflower using the fabulous book ’10 Seeds’ which also helps them learn how to count backwards from 10. We are currently cultivating our new nursery garden to encompass a wild flower garden – to enable the children to investigate which flowers attract which mini-beast; we cannot wait for our seeds to grow into beautiful flowers. We have also begun to develop our very own Nursery Allotment – we have currently sown: pumpkin seeds, carrot seeds, tomato seeds, pea seeds and runner beans. We are very excited to see our vegetables grow. Here are some photographs of our runner bean seedlings – they are almost ready to move out of our nursery and into our Allotment, exciting times!



Our Seeds and Seedlings