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CPS Spring Reporters

CPS Spring Nature Reporters!

Do you love nature?

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?

Do you want to show-off your amazing writing and drawing skills?

Do you want to help tackle climate change?

The long, cold winter is coming to an end… and something very different is happening this year; for the first time in living memory, you children are at home in your gardens this spring. Our challenge to you is to take this chance away from school to become a phenologist (someone who studies the cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life). This means keeping a record of when and where you see your first spring flowers, migrant birds, trees in leaf, frog spawn, butterflies and dragonflies and other seasonal signs. Whenever you spot signs of spring, create a nature record:

  • photograph or sketch it carefully (include labels)
  • write a description of what you have found, where you found it and any notes on its behaviour (don’t forget to show-off the amazing writing targets for your year-group)
  • include the date

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