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Year 3 Tag Rugby

Year 6 developing their dribbling skills playing Quicksticks

Quicksticks winners - India Class

To celebrate a successful term of quicksticks India class enjoyed a morning of competitive quicksticks. It was evident, despite playing on grass, that all the children have learnt both the rules and many different skills in the past seven weeks and had an enjoyable time.


Well done to the yellow team for beating five other teams and winning the class trophy. Great skill and teamwork in a closely fought competition.   

The Daily Mile - BIG DAY!

Thank you to every single class that took part in The Daily Mile - BIG DAY on Friday 18th October 2019. Looking at the children's faces everyone certainly had a great time.

India Class Benchball Winners!

Congratulations to the Black Team for successfully winning the end of term Benchball Tournament. All four players displayed great skill in defeating the other four teams (rest of the class!) and deserved their win. 

Ghana Class Bench ball Winners!

What a great result from the Ghana Class Yellow Team during the end of term Benchball Tournament. Displaying great teamwork and skill, they successfully beat all the other teams to win the class trophy. Well-deserved!