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Monday 8th Feb 2021 Assembly as video

Welcome to our school assembly which includes clips of giant pandas living in the moment!

Mon Feb 1st Assembly as a video

In today's assembly we watch videos of inspirational children talking about the importance of friendship and how we wish everyone in the world would love one...

Monday 25th Jan 2021 with audio

Welcome to assembly for Mon 25th Jan, where we look at being brave, and some inspirational examples of this.

January 22nd Letter to Parents who are involved in remote learning.

Monday 18th January 2021 with audio for Home Learning families

Our Whole School Assembly where we witness Walter the French bulldog up to his usual tricks again.

Mon Jan 11th 2021 with audio saved as a video

Monday 11th January Whole School Assembly

What a great start to our new school year. (September 2020)

Newsletter 2 September 2020

Newsletter 1 September 2020

Latest letter to parents containing information about our start of term.

Information for parents about the start of our new school year September 2020

Letter regarding phased re-opening of school

18th June 2020 Newsletter


Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

I hope you are all well and managing to remain positive and optimistic as we enter more weeks of significant chance.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch either via email, phone call or in person as you drop by to collect things; it certainly lifts my spirits to be talking to members of our school community.

School remains open for some children, but I must mention our Key Workers' children, who I have to say are the best bunch of children you could wish to work with- thank you to mums and dads for having such amazing children!

News from school:

Miss Bailey has a new puppy, who I have met via Zoom, she is totally gorgeous, Mrs Scull has inherited a large cockerel in her garden, it just seems to have appeared, Mrs Folks has an addition to her family by way of a rescue dog called Luna. Mrs Jones is anxiously waiting the arrival of her first grandchild, Miss Mac Kellar has been allocated an allotment and is busy gardening and planting and Mrs Foster ( yes me) is waiting for members of her household to learn to tidy up after themselves!


Thank you also for your feedback on our Home Learning Packs and materials; we have made some tweaks and changes which we hope will make life easier for you. As a busy mum myself, I know what life is like in a mixed age household, I know you will be doing an amazing job supporting members of your immediate and extended family, please don't feel you have to do any more than keep yourselves safe, fit and well. Some days are better than others, and when the weather is good, make the most of it in the spaces you have, don't fret if your children are not 'learning' for hours each day, the reality is far from that and that's OK. I am taking one day at a time and that is as much as anyone can do.


On Monday, we will be launching our new 5 Star Challenge for home learning where children have the opportunity to earn points for completing certain challenges. The expectation is to achieve your 5 stars each week. Challenges are linked to the core subjects reading ,writing and maths as well as  practical activities which will help you and your household. 

 All are achievable for all families whether you have online computer facilities or not. We have adjusted our Home Leaning packs to meet the needs of limited or no ICT resources.


You will be able to collect from school on Monday a learning pack that does not require any on line device. You will also be able to access a HLP from our website and you can either print it yourself or use it on line. Both packs contain very similar materials so all children have fair access to learning. As always please contact me or your class teachers for any additional or supplementary work, should you require it.


Your child's class teacher will be emailing you about this in a little more detail tomorrow in their end of the week check in. If anything is unclear after that, please get in touch.

If your child left trainers, coats and other personal items here before the shut down, you can collect any item should you be passing school as part of some  daily exercise or when you pick up a pack. Please let us know what it is you require so we can put it by the front door for collection. 


That is all for now, keep going everyone, I know it is tough, but every day we get through, is a day closer to the end of all this!


All the very best and stay in touch,

Wendy Foster

A sunny end to our Sport Relief Day

A beautiful short film animation to share with your children. Lovely to share young local talent.

▶ Parents, you can follow the campaign @HopeWorksProj on Twitter A beautifully animated tale about pollution that tells the story of a whale that helps other...

Take a look at our building project so far......

What a transformation to our toilet block!

There is a new look to our Year 6 classrooms

It is business as usual in all classes and we have had a great start to our new school year.

Don't forget we are collecting stickers from Aldi as we head towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

A memorable end of term with our traditional 'arches' despite the rain!

Getting ready to move up. Our Nursery children 'graduating' at the end of term. A wonderful experience - thank you to everyone for helping to make this so special.

Thank you to everyone for making our Fun Run in aid of MS so successful. We raised an amazing amount of money!

Summer Sports Days to Celebrate

Well done to three of our Year 4 pupils who have taken part in Jujitsu competitons and a three km fun run in Fairford. Thank you for sharing your successes with us.


We look forward to hearing from more pupils as you take part in hobbies and activities outside of school.



Achievements from out of school

A truly inspirational young pupil who has been awarded with a certificate and special recognition from Gloucestershire Police.