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PE and games at home

Dear Parents/Carers,

I have attached a weekly plan of sports ideas to help keep everyone at home physically active. Please use the ideas, as a guide, to help support your children by keeping them as active as possible.

As I am sure you are aware, a daily long brisk walk or cycle ride will easily suffice, however all the activities I have chosen can be carried out at home (maybe not the 5km training plan!).

I will update the weekly table with new ideas on a regular basis.

Please remember to remind your children to eat healthily, drink lots of fluids and stay positive. 

Kind regards, Mr Archer 



PE and Games Weekly Activities

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you are all well and safe.


I have created a PE Activities challenge for your children to work their way through. I hope you will find the activities both challenging and fun and encourage everyone in your families to take part. There is certainly no deadline so please work your way through the challenges at you own pace and enjoy!


If your children are in KS1, please adapt the challenges to suit your child's needs. 


Kind regards, Mr Archer

PE Activities Challenge

PE and Games at home!

Skipping and trampolining!

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Trampolining football!

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The Monkey Bars Challenge!

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Dear Parents/Carers,


With Cirencester Primary's success at Sports Hall Athletics during November 2019 and January 2020, I thought it would be a great idea if children could take part in this Sports Hall Athletics at home challenge.


All instructions are on the link – see below.


Full details and resources can be found here - .  


The Home Pentathlon is a fun way for families to take part in adapted Sports Hall Athletics events within their home environment.


The guidance notes and online score system are supported by a set of YouTube clips which have kindly been narrated by Olympic medal winner Katharine Merry.


If you get a moment, please forward your results to Mr Archer. I think I will have a go myself and see how I compare!


I hope you are all well and safe.


Kind regards, Mr Archer

To support the health and wellbeing of children while they are at home, the Daily Mile Foundation have recently launched The Daily Mile at Home. 


The aim is to encourage children to participate safely with parents/carers in The Daily Mile – 15 minutes jogging or running, front door to front door. 


Have a look at the weekly challenges, enjoy yourselves and have a go (ignore the dates)!

Message from a parent and please watch the videos!


Yes, my kids are doing lots of physical sport. We have been on bike rides, played football and tennis and had walks through Cirencester Park. We do something every afternoon and both kids have learnt how use a pogo stick! My daughter is very proud that she has mastered skate boarding and can do a flip on the trampoline.


We have also done some of Joe Wicks PE and trampoline every day as well. 


This is fantastic news. Thank you, Mr Archer 


Brilliant physical activity at home - thank you!

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Gymnastics on a trampoline!

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Gymnastics in the sitting room!

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Amazing Pogo Stick skills!

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Video (2).mov

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Tweedy's School Games Challenge - the first one!

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Tweedy the Clown is heading up a series of Gloucestershire School Games & Active Gloucestershire Challenges for all Primary School children. Over the next 5 weeks the Tweedy challenge will be set via social media on a Tuesday morning.

Tweedy can also be followed on Gloucestershire School Games accounts on Twitter / Facebook & Instagram so please give us a follow!

Tweedy's second Challenge!

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Tweedy's third Challenge!

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Tweedy's Fourth Challenge!

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Sebastian (year 1) completing Tweedy's fourth Challenge!

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Tweed's fifth Challenge!

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Tweedy's sixth and Final Challenge!

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Sports Hall Athletics - Home Challenge

Thank you so much to the Masser family for taking part in the Sports Hall Athletics at home challenge! A new Speed Bounce record too!


I hope this will inspire you all to take part.


All details can be found at

Watch these brilliant videos and practise your coordination, accuracy, passing, footwork and gymnastics skills

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Coordination with ball skills

#ThisIsPE - Footwork patterns.mp4

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Footwork patterns

#ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy.mp4

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Throwing for accuracy

#ThisIsPE - Rock and roll gymnastics.mp4

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Rock and Roll gymnastics

#ThisIsPE - Balloon blasting.mp4

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Balloon blasting

Chance to Shine Cricket activities at home

Visit the following website for great ideas to improve your cricket skills at home

Rosie's 5km Challenge!

Rosie in year 4 set herself a challenge to run 5km and she SMASHED it! Having been going out for little runs with her mum, she asked her mum that she would love to run 5km and receive a medal! With her mum as coach and trainer, distances were extended and a date set! 


I think the pictures say it all and what an achievement. Running 5km is no mean feat and Rosie deserves to be incredibly proud of herself and her achievement.


Thank you to Rosie and her mum for sharing this, feel good, news.   



Maisy's long and healthy bike ride!

Thank you to Maisy and her mum for sharing their recent bike ride news. I think every 17km bike ride definitely NEEDS a healthy lunch and fairy cakes with crumbled shortbread topping! Enough I hope for a snack on the outward journey, lunch and the return journey!!


Thank you so much for sharing another feel good experience and it is so good to hear how everyone is taking part in different forms of outdoor exercise. 

Mia with her new gymnastic award!

Thank you to Mia and her family for sharing this exciting news. As well as Mia recently achieving her gymnastic badge 8, she has been learning how to skip and running lots in the woods! Excellent physical activity.


Well done Mia and I imagine you are very proud of your new award.

Eleanor and Joseph keeping up their physical activity at home

Alfie and his 2.6 Challenge!

Congratulations to Alfie for taking part in the 2.6 Challange. Alfie decided, as part of the challenge, to run 2.6km every day for 26 days which is an outstanding feat. Today, Thursday 21st May, is his 26th day of running 2.6km and I am certain we all wish him well. On top of this, Alfie decided to raise money for our National Health Service and has almost reached £500 - another fantastic achievement.

Thank you so much for sharing this exciting news. 



Gloucestershire Virtual School Games First Challenge - ball skills

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Gloucestershire Virtual School Games Second Challenge - Go the Distance!

Congratulations and thank you to every family that took part in the 'Go the Distance' challenge last week. Once all the distances were added together, CIrencester Primary's overall total for the week was 1282kms - an outstanding result.



Cirencester Primary 1st place

Chesterton Primary 2nd place

St Lawrence Primary 3rd place


What a brilliant result and thank you again to every single family that took part in the challenge. 



Virtual School Games Challenge ‘Go the Distance’ RESULTS!

Gloucestershire School Games Virtual Challenge 3 'Target Challenge'

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Ten kilometre challenge SMASHED by Rosie!

What an outstanding running performance from Rosie in year 4. In roughly three months, Rosie has gradually built up her running distances from nothing to 10kms - 6.21 miles! This is brilliant news and I am sure Rosie is incredibly proud of her achievement as is her mum/running coach!


I hope this inspires a few readers to put on their running shorts and trainers and have a go!