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School Council Meetings

School Council Meeting 1: Meet the Members- October 2021


All of the new school council members met to introduce each other, discuss the importance of their role in school and to receive their new badges. The children shared why they had nominated themselves and what qualities they thought they would bring to the role.


During this meeting, the children worked in pairs to discuss questions which could be included in Term 2's School Council Assemblies. They came up with some very thought- provoking and creative questions to highlight our school values (Creativity, Sense of Belonging, Personal Responsibility). Some members even continued to generate questions in their lunch breaks to ensure we had a huge bank  of questions to choose from.


We also talked about how school council members had the job of leading school council assemblies in most years and how they would encourage good oracy skills and a sense of mutual respect in their classes. 

School Council Meeting 2: Fundraising ideas for the year- November 2021


School Council met to mind map fundraising ideas they would like to try this year (COVID dependent). With Children in Need fast approaching, the members collated ideas and voted on their favourite options. Of all of the aspects of Children in Need, School Council were most concerned with how many children did not have a safe home to live in or a roof over their head at all.


The Council decided to invite children to school to in pyjamas for the day and set children a shelter building challenge (see School Council Events page).

As an additional element to their fundraising, the members also asked if they could arrange a toy drive, collecting good condition toys to send to local families in need.






School Council Meeting 3- Highlights of the Year so far and next steps- December 21


Members from each year group across the school shared highlights of learning and experiences that they have really enjoyed this year so far (September to December 21).


We also created a list of discussion points that the children raised for the new year;


  • be part of more question making sessions again (as enjoyed by so many this last term)
  • continue having school council power points to support leading the school council assemblies
  • consider other jobs of responsibility that the school needs (such as environmental helpers e.g. litter pickers if rubbish blows onto field)
  • more fundraising opportunities (perhaps a sponsored event)
  • discuss ideas for improving the school buildings


Have a look at the responses from each year groups representatives. What an amazing response!