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Cirencester Primary School Nursery Learning environment

Our Nursery is situated in the main school in very close proximity to the Reception Classes. We have two spacious classrooms and free flow access to a large enclosed garden area. We have timetabled use of the hall for P.E sessions, the library for borrowing books and for story sessions and we make full use of the Forest School area for exploration and investigation of the outdoor environment. Once a week we take the children to visit the elderly people of a local elderly person’s residential home to read stories, sing songs, play instruments and do art and craft activities.

The classrooms are home to two age groups, Buds class and Blossoms class. The children have free flow between the two classes for much of the day but are separated during whole group learning times to ensure the learning is tailored specifically to their age group.

Buds class

The children can join Buds class from their second birthday. Buds class is often your child’s first time being independent from parent or carer. The experienced staff nurture and support your child to build positive relationships and discover their interests and unique qualities.

Blossoms class

The children join Blossoms class in the academic year after they turn three years old. In Blossoms class, the children are encouraged to become more independent; to hang up their own coats at the beginning of a session, to put on shoes and coats with little help and to use the toilet with growing independence. Their interests are further developed and they are challenged to question and explore their environment.

Snacks and meals

The children are provided with varied and healthy snacks and drinks during the morning sessions. They also have access to water throughout the day. Blossoms class are given the opportunity to access their snack independently at a time of their choosing during the morning session. This enables them to gain independence in pouring drinks, helping themselves and helping others. They also learn to tidy up after themselves.

At lunchtime, the children may bring a lunchbox. We also offer hot school lunches. There are three choices daily. A meat option, a vegetarian option or a jacket potato with different toppings. The children really enjoy the school lunches and it gives the them the opportunity to experience different foods and to practise using a knife and fork alongside their peers.

Your Child’s learning and development

Nursery recognises that each child is unique. We celebrate the individual and we provide a learning space that will support each child with their own interests and needs. We do this though 'In The Moment' planning. The staff make observations of the children in their learning environment and then provide further stimulation, intervention or questioning to build on their existing knowledge. The children can develop in a relaxed environment following their own interests. Alongside this we add provocations to stimulate interest and learning through a termly topic. The topic encourages the children to discover new interests and to develop an enquiring mind that leads to a love of learning.

Key Person

Each child is allocated a Key Person. This enables the children and parents to build a relationship with a member of staff. The key person will make observations and keep an electronic learning journey for your child. When an observation is made, a photograph may be taken and recorded. Objectives are also added. These are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Early Years Outcomes. Your child’s Characteristics of Learning are also recorded. These recognise their motivation, willingness to try new things or their perseverance when challenges occur. The journal can be accessed by parents at home and any new observations can be sent directly to your mobile phone. We encourage a two-way partnership with parents and welcome observations from home to be added to the journals.

Session times

8.45am - 11.45am

11.45am - 1.15pm

1.15pm - 3.15pm

Breakfast club 8.00am- 8.35am.

Other information

We offer parent consultation session twice each academic year to discuss your child's learning.

Transition to Reception class

The children are given opportunities throughout the year to join the school and build on relationships with Reception staff. The school hold story times and meet the teacher sessions.

At Christmas time, we attend the Christingle service with the school.