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Some quite big changes are happening with our leaves now.
Picture 1
We had a lovely day at The Wilson museum, finding out lots more about the Anglo Saxon time.
Some of the leaves are starting to die, what do you think this shows?
Picture 1
We have been looking at asexual and sexual reproduction  in plants. We know that plants that reproduce asexually only need one parent plant, whereas plants that reproduce sexually need two parent plants and need to mix together pollen and ovules. We are investigating the question 'Can you tell if a plant is a sexual or asexual reproducer based  on their leaves?'. We studied a selection of different leaves (beech, bramble, Christmas cacti, dandelion and jade tree) and decided that in order to reproduce asexually, the leaves need to be able to store enough energy to grow a new plant. Some of us think that the bigger the leaf, the more energy they store and some of us think that the fatter the leaf, the more energy they store. We have all chosen two different leaves, planted  them and are going to care for them to see if our predictions are correct. We think  that if a plant is a sexual reproducer, the leaf will die as it does not have enough energy stored inside to grow a new  plant because it is used to making seeds. We think  that if a plant is an asexual reproducer, the leaf will live and a new  plant will begin to grow as it has enough energy stored in the leaf to do so. Check back to see what we have found!

Our pet fish!

Our pet fish! 1
Our pet fish! 2

Our pet stick insects!

Our pet stick insects! 1
Our pet stick insects! 2

Seed Production


We were looking at the processes of pollination and fertilisation to create seeds. We went outside to role play the different parts of this process, describing what we were doing at the different stages.