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Year 3- Spain

Welcome to Year 3 - Spain Class

Year Three overview.

Mrs H Wilderspin - I have taught in schools in and around Cirencester since I qualified. I joined Cirencester Primary School two years ago and really enjoy working in such a vibrant, exciting school. Before I qualified as a teacher, I spent time working with children in various different settings, and I also studied Biology at university. My passion for all things 'sciencey' makes my role as Science Subject Leader at school very enjoyable!

Outside school, I enjoy spending as much time as possible in the beautiful countryside where we live. I am also passionate about books - both those written for children and for adults - and one day I would love to become an author of children's picture books! Until then, I will continue to fill my house and classroom with all the lovely books I can find...

Mrs K Glinn - I started my adventure with Cirencester Primary School in 2013 as a volunteer with a personal aim to learn more about British education and to see how would I feel within the school environment. One year later I became one of the employees and since then I proudly take part in the mission of bringing out the best in children from our school.

One of my favourite writers, Albert Camus once said: "Life is the sum of all your choices". I truly believe that here, at CPS we help children to make better choices every day and by doing that we hope to teach them to treat their freedom as a chance to be better (Camus again!) so they could really benefit from the decisions they are making.

I graduated from University of Casimir the Great in Bydgoszcz (Poland) in 2008 as a teacher and specialist of social communication. If someone had told me that I would be working with children at primary school in England, I would have said that they were simply crazy! You can never be sure what life is going to offer you…

I have gained most of my experience in the UK. I worked as a Polish language teacher at Polish Saturday Schools in Southampton and in Swindon. I was also employed as a lecturer of Polish Language at Eastleigh College for a short time.

Here, at Cirencester Primary School I feel very happy that I can help children and assist teachers in their daily tasks and challenges.