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To complete our topic we visited Chedworth Roman villa

Big Experience Day at the RAU

Year two learnt about food miles, where our foods come from and how they travel to our shops. They ordered cards to show the journey of an apple from tree to plate.

In the next session, we learnt about the importance of worms; how they help keep the soil healthy and crops to grow. 
They then dug up some potatoes to look at healthy and unhealthy crops, then held some worms too.

Finally, we learnt about the importance of bees. We did an experiment to show how they collect pollen and it mixes together to pollinate plants. We saw the apiaries and found out about the different jobs the bees have and then found the pollen in some daffodils.

World book day

For world book day we brought our favourite book to share with the class. We voted for 3 books that we would recommend to the rest of the school.

We looked at some paintings by an artist called Georgia O’Keeffe. She created over 200 paintings of flowers. We sketched our own flowers using her techniques.

Hook - wildlife and tree observations in the Abbey Grounds


We went for a walk around the Abbey Grounds to observe the different types of trees and the wildlife that live there. 

As it is winter many of the trees did not have leaves on them but we looked at the leaf litter and seed shells on the floor to help us identify them. We were lucky enough to see some chaffinches, blackbirds and even a cormorant in the trees. Around the lake we met the wonderful nature photograpger Gay Gilmour who told us all about Hank to goose, the family of otters who have moved into the area and the pen (female swan) who has moved out. She even took a photograph of us as we walked back to meet the others. Check out her Flickr page to see other pictures she has taken of the animals in the Abbey Grounds too. 

As part of our Geography work this term we have been finding out about the destruction of habitats around the world. Mrs Messenger has kindly bought 20 trees for year 2 to be planted in the rainforest to try and combat this problem. Thank you Mrs Messenger for this kind and thoughtful gift.

KS1 and EYFS Christingle service

Food tasting

Today, as part of our geography learning about Varanasi, we tasted some Indian foods and sweets. 
We tried dahl, roti, ladoo and peda. Most of us liked the dahl and roti but weren’t as sure about the Indian sweets, ladoo and peda. 

Hook - journey to Varanasi, India

Today, we started our new writing genre with a trip on a Air India to Varanasi. We had our baggage weighed and checked then collected our boarding passes and had our passports checked before boarding the aeroplane and watching the safety information before the plane took off. What an amazing experience!

Den making to support children in need

Hook - A roarsome adventure

Today, Mr Reynolds saw a dinosaur in forest school. We went and explored the area for evidence of the dinosaur. There were broken branches, scratches on logs, the parachute was missing and lots of eggs left all around the area. We excavated the eggs to find the dinosaurs hidden inside. What a brilliant way to start our new writing genre!

CCTV footage of the dinosaur

Still image for this video