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What have we been up to so far?

Our best bits from Year 4 (by selected Sweden-AM and EO)

I like our school uniform because it's a good mixture of colours and because it makes you look smart.I like our school's socks.

I like maths because all of the problems are challenging. I also like all of the different problems there are. 

I like our class blog because in ICT we get to read people's comments.I also like typing,fidgeting and learning internet safety.

I like Art because you get to paint, draw and sketch.I also like the colours because they're bright and colourful.





Electricity  in Action

In Science this term, we have been learning how circuits work, making predictions about whether they will work or not and testing them. We built our own switches, and used these to solve real world problems (such as how to turn the landing light on from upstairs AND downstairs).

Switched On!

Mapping the World (well, the school...)

We worked as cartographer to map the school from aerial photographs, adding co-ordinates, compass points and scales to our maps. We then located our favourite points in school using 4- or 6- figure co-oridnates.


Our favourite places-do you know where they are?

What conducts electricity?

We formed a hypothesis that only metals conduct electricity and tested it. Our results surprised us: all metals did conduct, but so did water, pencil lead (graphite) and even our bodies!


Conduction investigation

Maths modelling

We were set the task of using manipulatives in maths to prove that 4 x 6 = 2 x 12. Here are some of the examples Joe, Hannah, Harry and Scarlett cam up with.


Which map is best?

We looked at different maps of the same place and presented which ones we found most effective to other children in our class.



We have been looking at the book called Neverbelieve and we dessigned worlds on Kodu. I

have made `a Mcdonalds world WITH THE MAGNIFICENT CHICKEN NUGGET SHAPED WORLD and fabulous Ketchup lake, all the things you need to not be healthyfrown




by William Griffin Taylor