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What can we learn about dinosaurs from fossils?

KS1 Multi Sports

Year 7 pupils from Kingshill School organised and led team games for us.


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We visited 'Jurassic Journey' at Birdland to find out more about the similarities between Dinosaurs and Birds and notice how bird species are a direct descendant of  Dinosaurs. We went on a dinosaur trail where we spotted a Brachiosaurus,  Allosaurus, T-Rex, Pteradactyl, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus  as well as a Velociraptor. We successfully found fossils on a 'dino-dig' and had a talk from a member of staff who answered our own questions about dinosaurs. 


We have learnt that the world was covered in green plants when dinosaurs roamed the earth; even in Lyme Regis! We have seen pictures of fossilised plants and examples of green plants today that were around in the Jurassic period. 

Here we are conducting an experiment to find out the best conditions for a plant to grow. We have each changed a factor that might inhibit a plant growing. 


We have been making and telling the time using vocabulary such as quarter past, quarter to, half past as well as 5 minute intervals. 


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Healthy Living Week - We made apple and oat bars, learnt some yoga poses, danced away in a Zumba lesson and discussed the importance of personal hygiene. The week finished in a whole school fun run. 

We have been looking at fossils. We briefly discovered how they are formed before asking questions about them. 

Art - Built Block Printing

We observed, sketched and drew fossils. We chose our best to be photocopied onto card so that we could add string. Eventually we will paint and print our design onto paper. 

After learning that fossils are widely found on coastliines we used an atlas to locate and name other costal areas in the United Kingdom. 

We met Julie and Harold on the ‘Life Ed van’. We learnt about healthy living and told Harold things we do that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

PE - Cricket world cup