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As part of our science topic on electricity, 6B had a fun afternoon making circuits using wires, batteries, bulbs, buzzers and motors. They designed an experiment to show variation within a closed circuit e.g. will a shorter/longer wire impact the brightness of a bulb? 

June 2021

Meet the Author: Leila Rasheed

We were delighted to hold our second virtual Meet the Author session of the year with Leila Rasheed, author of Empire's End.  We asked her a series of questions about her background and interests, her love of history and the characters in the book.  We had just finished the book the previous day, so it was perfect timing!  Not only is it a gripping story, but we have learned so much about the Roman period.  


We have been writing our own warning stories based on Empire's End.

May 2021

Year 6 went on the first school trip since before the pandemic and all had a fantastic day at the Corinium Museum. Linking to our topic this term, we focused on what Corinium life was like, how big it was, trade links across the Empire and just how important Corinium was during Roman rule.

For science this week, 6B have been carrying out experiments to see how light travels and how to use light to see round corners.

Class mock trial: March 2021

As the Cirencester Mock Trial Competition could not take place this year, we held our own trial in class, taking on the roles of defence, prosecution, the accused, the judge and jury.  Each case was judged according to the different systems in place in the historical periods we have studied.  We compared these systems with the modern day and decided appropriate sentences: the cases involved arson, assault and forgery.  It was interesting to compare the different sentences handed out!  Why not ask your child about our trial?

March 2021: Meet the author - Jane Hardstaff


Year 6 was thrilled to join Jane Hardstaff, the author of The Executioner's Daughter, for a virtual "meet the author" session.  They asked her a wide range of questions about the book, her writing and her inspiration.  Pupils also shared their own creative writing with Jane and were delighted to hear her comments.


There is an exciting sequel to the book, River Daugter, which is available on the SORA reading app.  Find out about Moss and Salter's next adventure... 

Comic Relief 2021


For Red Nose Day, the children enjoyed playing games such as egg & spoon races, relays and pass the egg!

In 6B this week we have been writing  poems about ‘The Executioner’s Daughter’ in the style of ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.
For world book day, every pupil designed a ‘book nook’ based on a favourite book of theirs’. 
In art this week, we have manipulated famous paintings in the style of Banksy’s Crude Oil work. Like Banksy, we attempted to make statements about human impact on the planet.

More maths partner work

December 2020 : Mouldy bread experiment

This term, we have looked at the importance of bread in our diet and how it has evolved throughout the ages. In science, we carried out an experiment, using sliced white bread, to  find out whether mould prefers dark or light conditions/ damp or dry conditions/ warm or cold conditions/ open-air or air tight conditions. After two weeks of observations, we discovered that mould prefers to grow in warm, moist conditions. We had a variety of mould in reds, blacks and blues- the children were both fascinated and horrified (particularly with the slices that were touched by everyone’s unwashed hands- pictures to follow!). 


Mouldy bread experiment!

6B making nets in maths

6B enjoying break times whatever the weather!

Ruby-Rose’s Remembrance Poem

Still image for this video

November 2020

Woodlouse Choice Chambers 

6B enjoyed an interesting afternoon building a choice chamber for woodlice. The children designed and built the choice chambers having decided upon either a light v dark habitat or dry v damp. We then went out to the field to collect the woodlice and let them explore their new (temporary) home. We recorded their behaviour over a set period of time and will use this data in our science reports which will be written this week. The woodlice were safely returned to their original habitat at the end of the afternoon. 

6B enjoyed playing fraction games with their partner. We have been learning how to compare and order fractions including how to find common denominators. Everyone has worked really hard - keep up the good work!

Some examples of the work 6B have been working on this term

Mrs Scott kindly brought in her extensive and fascinating fossil collection for the children to share. 6B become fossil detectives for the afternoon and enjoyed analysing the fossils and discussing their thoughts. They all handled the fossils respectfully and with due care and attention - and, of course, everyone washed their hands before and after. 

Fascinating Fossils

Mr Archer has been teaching 6B all about paradox sketches and they have loved having a go! All of the children have made numerous attempts and have produced some fantastic sketches. 

Some examples of our paradox sketches

Hard at work

Amelia and Melanie are now super confident at using long division.

Merry showing why, our mathematical friend, Colin was wrong.

Hooked on maths

6B busy working out maths problems on their whiteboards. 



Partner work

PE fun in the sun with Mr Archer