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6 B

26th November 2021 Science- designing our own micro-organisms

25th November 2021 DT and Science Report Writing Hook: Woodlice Choice Chambers

French Day November 2021


Year 6 enjoyed a whole afternoon of French-themed activities, including language skills, food tasting and art. We learned the names of the foods kindly donated by Tesco and how to say what we like/ don’t like. We then looked at the work of French post-impressionist painter Georges Seurat and recreated sections of some of his most famous works using the technique of pointillism. 

November 2021 Children in Need- shelter building

November 2021: Sports Leader skills 


In PE we have been developing our team skills in order to become sports leaders in school. We have worked together to develop our skipping, throwing and catching skills. We look forward to organising team activities for younger pupils in the school at break times.

November 2021 Preparing our sketchbooks for our new Art Unit: creating artwork to show the impact of humans on our planet

October 2021 Art: Portraiture and Clay


After a few weeks of exploring portraits linked to our class text 'Skellig', we have used our skills to create our own clay tiles. We developed our clay skills to form a level and smooth tile before experimenting with mark making and relief work to create our finished product. 


Some children chose to focus on specific facial features, whilst others decided to design the whole face with added embellishments. What a fantastic range of clay tiles 6B have created!





Science: learning about evolution through observing fossils



October 2021