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Current Curriculum Content


Extra music provision

We have had the pleasure of inviting a guest musician to our 'big experience' days this year. Under his guidance pupils have learnt and performed the song 'Kusimama'  - a Swahili song meaning 'stand tall' as well as 'River song' arranged by Andy Beck.

Other events this year have included a Samba performance at Cheltenham town hall, KS1 recorder club as well as an EYFS & KS1 choir who bravely performed at a venue in our local community. 

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET)

This year, pupils in KS2 have experienced a term of WCET. Each year group has played a different instrument and has attempted to understand and read music notation.

In the early stages of composition, pupils record their musical ideas using graphics and dots to represent sounds. As they become more confident they will write note names and eventually use formal notation as a way to get their compositions onto paper.

Peripatetic concerts

We offer a number of extra curricular music lessons from a fabulous team of peripatetic teachers. At the end of each term a concert is held for our musicians to show case their hard work and give them the experience of performing in front of a live audience. 

We are currently able to offer instrumental lessons in 1:1 or paired sessions: acoustic guitar, clarinet, piano, saxophone, flute, recorder, vocal, drums. Rocksteady provides a large group (band) experience with singing, keyboard and electric bass, guitar and drums.



Christmas events

Our school choir has been out about entertaining the local community during the festive season. In addition, KS2 pupils contributed to our annual carol concert by singing a song (with links to a different country).