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Current Curriculum Content


Learning to tell the time

Science investigation into the biodegradable qualities of sandwich wrapping - what will happen in 2 weeks if we bury them in the garden?

Science Investigation - what is the best material for a lego car sail?

Day Trip To Cotswold Country Park Lake and Beach with Year 1

Look at the wheelbarrows we made for the Great British Picnic we are going to have

Summer 2019 Overview - What makes a Great British Summer?

Healthy Living Week 23/5/19 Zumba with Meryl - we loved this very much

Healthy Living Week 22/5/19


Ireland class made 3 types of hummus. We tried them with tomatoes, carrots, pitta breads, sugar snap peas, peppers and celery! 

The winning hummus recipe was Mrs Dalgleish-Smith's recipe.

Please have a go at home and let us know what you think.



Mrs Dalgleish-Smith – Recipe

400g chickpeas drained

40ml olive oil

1 garlic clove

½ lemon juice

3tablespoons Greek yoghurt

2 tablespoons Nandos Peri Peri sauce – medium

2  tablespoon tahini



1. Drain the chickpeas and rinse under cold water

2. Tip into large bowl add the rest of the ingredients. Blitz until smooth.

3. If a little to thick then add another tablespoon of Greek yoghurt.

4. Taste and season to taste









Results - Ireland's class choice of hummus

Science - we have planted french beans in a clear pot with water and kitchen roll. We can watch them grow and record what happens

ICT - using paint in ICT we created our own holiday brochure cover

Science - have a look at how much our French Beans and tomato plants have grown

PE - Learning to throw overarm

Science - Looking at shadows at different times of the day. We drew them at 9.30 am and then stood next to them at 2.30 pm

Using division skills to share the children in year 1

World Book Day 8th March 2019

Weather Watching with Ireland Class - we have made rain gauges to monitor the rainfall at school.

Meet Dexter - every week Dexter will be spending the weekend with a child in Ireland class. We are all looking forward to hearing all about his adventures.

Wales and Ireland practicing their dance for their Class Assembly