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During our Countries week, we have been exploring the Willow Pattern which depicts a Chinese tale.  Taylor went home and asked his family if they had any plates with this design and we are delighted they did.  The plate showed even more clearly the wonderful patterns the artist created and the different tones of blue that were achieved. 

Thank you Taylor, we really appreciated you taking time to help broaden our learning with your fantastic plate!

Willow Pattern Plate

World Book Day


China class enjoyed 'Rapid Reviewing' this morning! Each pupil brought in their favourite book and had two minutes to tell their partners all about it. At the end of the session, we voted for the books that we would like to go on to read, the most popular being Daniel's choice of 'The LIon, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by Lewis Carroll.


Happy reading everyone!

We have been exploring using pastels to create 3D objects.  As our topic is centred around Earth and space, we decided that the perfect thing to draw was the Sun and planets.  We know from our learning that one side of a planet will always be lit up by the sun as it orbits, therefore we had to experiment with creating a lighter effect using lighter shades and blending.  Creating the 3D effect was challenging but we found that using a 'C' shape was the most effective method to ensure the planets stood out.  Just the same as when we write, we had to plan and edit our art work - everyone found they could make improvements to ensure their final piece was the best it could be!  We hope you agree, they are really rather spectacular! 


Ellie, Liam, Kai, Bertie and Erica

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Oliver, Mollie, Vicky, Fraser, Millie and Jayden

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Cory, Gabriel, Lewis, Freya, Ebony and Lilly

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Phoebe, Evie, Jack, Si-Gen, Oscar and Maisie

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Will, Kane, Evan, Daniel, Emily and Eva

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Evie Stratford's prize winning story!

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Evie was a runner-up in this year's Soroptimist writing competition. She received a certificate at a special prize winning ceremony at the Royal Agricultural University. Well done Evie, we are all very proud of your achievement.

Visit to the Mosque


Year 5 were very lucky to be able to visit a mosque in Gloucester. We were welcomed by Imam Hussan, who gave us loads of information about his religion, Islam, and gave us a guided tour of his mosque. We all found out lots of information that we did not already know, which will  help us in our Religious Education topic this term.

Wonderful Achievements!

'I am proud because I didn't get any of the times tables questions wrong!'
'I am proud of this Science work as I have used many scientific words and was fascinated by the whole process of the life cycle of a plant.'
'I am proud of this writing because I used excellent description and made no spelling mistakes.'
'I am proud of this writing because I used a lot of challenging vocabulary and I only made one spelling mistake.'
'I am proud because this is the first time I haven't made any errors on a maths worksheet.'
'I am proud as it is the first time I have got all my times tables questions correct.'

The latest Viking news!

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Exciting developments in the world of history!

More news, just in!

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News reporter Evie, keeps us in the Viking loop!