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Current Curriculum Content

Would you live in a place like this?

Sierpinski Tetrahedron

Art & Design through ICT

We have looked at images of Roman mosaics. Initially we designed our own mosaic on paper and then used ICT software to digitally save our work. 


This term our focus is Roman Cirencester. We have travelled back in time and looked at images of what Corinium looked like and how there is evidence in present day Cirencester of settlement here like the amphitheatre, obliesk and the Roman wall ruins. In these pictiures we are handling and asking questions about replica Roman artefatcs. 

Maths - Division

We are learning about division. We have used resources to recognise that dividing requires equal groups (we noticed that multiplcation follows the same rule). Some of us have begun to attempt writing divsion facts to match concrete and pictorial representations.)

Maths - Muliplication  We have been begun the journey to learn about Multiplication. First, we used resources to help us notice that multiplication is possible only if the groups are equal. After a while we were able to choose and use the equipment we wanted to represent x tables.

Maths - Measure

We have been using metre sticks, measuring tapes and rulers to measure length, width and height of objects around us. 

Maths - Measure

We used rulers to measure body parts in cm. Here we have ordered ourselves on the size of our feet.



We have been exploring colour mixing and tone. 


We have been locating different habitats in our school grounds. We looked for evidence of animals in each habitat including footprints, food remains, fur/feather and animal homes. We grouped the animals into primary and secondary consumers within a food chain.


We have been learning about the features of our locality, naming places in and around Cirencester. We discussed whether they are natural or influenced by humans.


We went on a walk around Cirencester to identify the human and physical features in town. We then located the features on maps using 'Digimap'.

Religious Education

We have been learning about Islam and what it is like to be Muslim. We were lucky enough to have a guest speaker who brought in some beautiful artefacts that are a part of everyday Muslim life and prayer.