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Sports events 2019 - 2020

School Games Gold Award 2018/19

Cirencester Primary has had a brilliant year of school sport with many successes across the school. It is therefore lovely to share some good news finishing off last year and leading into the new school year.


We are delighted to announce that we, Cirencester Primary School, have achieved the School Games Gold Mark Award for the 2018/19 academic year. This is the third year we have achieved the Gold Mark Award and hope to reach Platinum in 2019/20!


The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.


Our sporting achievements this year include:

Level 2 Primary Participation in the School Games 2017/18 award – winners

Four Quicksticks teams qualified for The Level 2 Quicksticks Finals at Deer Park School

(a new record for CPS).

Competitive and Development teams 1st place at Kingshill School Girl’s Football Festival.

Competitive team qualified for the County Final in Gloucester.

Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics 1st and 2nd Place.

Year 5/6 CPS Football Tournament – winners and retain the trophy! Winning team qualified for the County Final in Gloucester and reached the semi-finals (a new record for CPS).

Year 5/6 Level 1 Sports Hall Athletics 1st place

Year 5/6 Level 2 Sports Hall Athletics 2nd place and silver medallists (a new record for CPS)

Level 2 Quicksticks Tournament two silver medals and both teams qualified for The Level 3 Finals in Cheltenham (a new record).

Level 2 Netball Finals – Diamond Team bronze medallists and Silver Fern Team silver medallists (a new record for CPS)

Dodgeball Festival – winners CPS Girl’s Football Tournament – winners and gold medallists

Level 3 Quicksticks Finals – Development team bronze medallists (a new record for CPS)

Kingshill Rounders festival – winners

District Sports – years 3 and 4 win all the relays!

Area Sports – many successes

Year 4 Cricket Festival – semi-finalists


…..and many other successes throughout the year.


With many children competing in local inter-school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.


Thank you to every single member of staff and parents that have made this possible.


We look forward to applying once again in 2020!

New Age Kurling and Boccia Festival at Kingshill School

Thank you to all the children that participated in a very successful multi ability festival at Kingshill School on Tuesday 17th September. Everyone experienced a carousel of different activities ranging from adapted table tennis, New Age Kurling, Boccia, Tchoukball and even parachute games. A brilliant time was had by all the children with a few very hot faces at the end!


Thank you to Mrs Pauling and the Kingshill School year 8s for helping run, organise and make up the numbers in the event. 

Handball Coaching Festival at Kingshill School

Thank you to Mrs Pauling and all her helpful young leaders for organising and arranging a fun and successful handball-coaching afternoon on Thursday 26th September. All the schools present had a brilliant time with a focus on participation and enjoyment rather than competition. Children were allowed the opportunity to build new friendships as well as improving their new handball skills through out the afternoon. Everyone was mixed up which made it more fun!


Finally, thank you to Matt Durber (Stroud Handball Club head coach and South West Regional Academy Coach) for taking the time to come along and promote handball in Cirencester.


Hopefully, a new youth handball club beginning soon. More details to follow on the school website.  

New Age Kurling at Kingshill School

Well done to all the year 4 children that represented Cirencester Primary at The New Age Kurling Festival on Tuesday 8th May at Kingshill School. Everyone had a brilliant time with skills improving throughout each game. With tactical play very evident, one of our teams won the entire festival and are going through to the next round of the competition. Excellent news and congratulations! 

Tag Rugby at Cirencester Primary

To celebrate The Rugby World Cup in Japan and the end of a successful term of tag rugby in PE, twenty-four year 4 children took part in a friendly festival of tag rugby and coaching at Cirencester Primary.

Thank you to Mrs Pauling and all the parents for coming along and supporting the event. Thank you also to all the children for helping make the afternoon such a success.

Quicksticks Y6 (South Cotswolds Schools) at Deer Park

During a miserable afternoon of cold rain on Monday 14th October, four Cirencester Primary Quicksticks teams entered The South Cotswolds Quicksticks Competition held annually at Deer Park School. Only having practised and learnt their skills on the school field, every single player tried their hardest improving with every game. Despite the difficult conditions, well done to everyone for displaying great sportsmanship and respect to other players and enjoying every match. 


Congratulations goes to our Red team for coming third and our White team for coming fifth in the Lions Competition. Finally, congratulations to our Orange team for a well-deserved fifth place in the Tigers Competition and our Blue team for taking part.  


It was an outstanding afternoon of competitive quicksticks with standards improving every year.

World Cup Tag Rugby Festival at Cirencester Rugby Club

Thank you to Cirencester Rugby Football Club, all the Cirencester College referees and Mrs Pauling and her team for making The World Cup Tag Rugby morning such a success.


To celebrate The Rugby World Cup and a successful term of tag rugby 23 children from year 6 participated in an excellent morning of competitive tag rugby. With one team playing in The Yokohama Cup and the other playing in The Tokyo Cup, both teams started the festival cautiously but soon found their feet. Red and White teams played an equal number of girls and boys in their matches and excelled with their teamwork from start to finish improving with every single game. It was a pleasure to watch their sportsmanship, respect, enjoyment and discipline grow as the morning progressed.


Thank you to every single child that took part.    


Cross Country Relay at Kingshill School

What a fantastic afternoon of cross-country running from our Cirencester Primary teams in years 4, 5 and 6. Knowing full well the competition was going to be tough, it was a nail biting start for everyone! 

Well done to every single runner for putting in a 100% effort but massive congratulations needs to go to our year 6 girls team for an outstanding 2ND PLACE against very tough competition. 


Cross Country Relay Results

Year 4 Boys


Year 4 Girls


Year 5 Boys


Year 5 Girls


Year 6 Boys


Year 6 Girls


Girls Football Festival at Kingshill School

Congratulations to both Cirencester Primary’s girls football teams that played in Kingshill School’s Girls Football Tournament on Tuesday 22nd October 2019.


With little match practise, both teams played with total self-belief, skill and masses of determination. Despite playing without any substitutes, Cirencester red team ended up winning the entire tournament earning themselves well-deserved gold medals. They played brilliantly against strong competition, displaying great talent and never once giving up. Fantastic! Mention must also go to the white team who also played without any substitutes, came third in their pool and fifth overall. A brilliant result considering the strong competition the other schools provided.


This is the third consecutive year Cirencester Primary has won gold medals at this event and will be making their way to the next round in December. Finally, respect and thanks has to go to all the girls (and captains!) for being so organised, managing their teams independently and doing so well!


Thank you.    

First and third place at Year 4 Sportshall Athletics

What an outstanding result for Cirencester Primary and well done to all the year 4 children that tried their hardest at the recent Sportshall Athletics event at Kingshill School. Having won this event for the last two years, Cirencester Primary were certainly looking for another good result and they got it!. With Ann Edwards, Watermoor and Ashton Keynes competing as well, everyone knew the competition would be tough. Starting off strongly, both teams performed brilliantly with good finishes in their track events and just kept on going.


All thirty-five children had a thoroughly enjoyable time running, jumping and throwing as best they could. Thank you to all the parents that came along to support this extremely exciting and loud event!    

Year four football at Cirencester Arena - competitive festival

Congratulations to our successful year 4 football team for finishing a respectible third place at Cirencester Arena on the 18th November.  

Cirencester Primary Small Schools and Development Football Tournament

Owing to unusual weather on Thursday 14th November, Cirencester Primary held their Small Schools and Development Football Tournament at the Cirencester Arena on 21st November. Much warmer and dry!

Thank you goes to all eight year 6 children that took part and played every match with excellent sportsmanship, fair play and self-belief. Playing on AstroTurf, having massive goals and allowed to bounce the ball off the walls all made for a different but enjoyable type of game.

It was a great afternoon of football skills with teamwork improving during every new game. Thank you to all the children that participated and represented Cirencester Primary with their excellent school values. 


Year 3 and 4 football at Cirencester Arena - development festival

What an outstanding result for our brilliant year 3 and 4 football team. Well done to every single player for putting their heart and soul into every match they played. Another outstanding result. 

Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics at Kingshill School

Cirencester Primary arrived at Kingshill School feeling a little nervous but very excited at the prospect of taking part in the annual Sports Hall Athletics event open to years 5 and 6. With Cirencester Primary having won this event in 2017 and 2018, expectations were high and another win was in the forefront of everyone’s mind!


Thirty-six children participated with nine boys and nine girls in each team and what an afternoon it turned out to be! Incredibly loud and passionate with loads of determination and self-belief. Every single individual tried their absolute hardest from the first race to the last and the results say it all.  An outstanding result!

Sports Hall Athletics Results




Cirencester Primary Red



Cirencester Primary White



Ashton Keynes



Ann Edwards



Cirencester Primary Large Schools and Competitive Football Tournament

Well done to our amazing year 6 football team who came a very respectable third place in the Annual Cirencester Primary Football Tournament on Thursday 28th November.

With unexpected snow postponing the original tournament at Cirencester Primary School, a new venue and date was organised at Cirencester Arena where seven local schools participated.

Competition throughout the afternoon was tough and right from the outset Cirencester Reds knew it was going to be a hard fought afternoon of football. Displaying lots of self-belief, they drew with Powells Yellows in their first match and went on to win three games, draw two and only lose to Stratton Primary. A brilliant achievement considering the high level of football throughout the afternoon.

Thank you to the team for their excellent behaviour, teamwork, determination and passion during the afternoon.

Let's bring the trophy back to CPS in 2020!

The CPS Football Tournament Results!






Powells Blue



Goal difference 12





St Lawrence







St Marys


Goal difference 5




Ashton Keynes














Powells Yellow













Gloucestershire Schools Football Association Finals

Girls County Football Finals - Gloucester

On the 5th December 2019, Mr Archer, with the help of Mrs Jones and Mrs Owen, took eight girls (year five and six) up to Gloucester to compete in the Gloucestershire Schools Football Association County Finals. This is a big achievement as Cirencester Primary were representing the Cotswolds in this tournament.


All the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves especially when we scored goals. Despite the fact it was cold and wet, it was a very enjoyable afternoon of football. Our captain (Evie) and vice-captain (Charlotte) did an amazing job leading us throughout the tournament. Our goalie, Freya, did an incredible job at saving goals and Emma stepped in when Freya saved a goal with her face and injured herself! Charlotte did many amazing tackles and even, on one occasion, fell into the splits! Thankfully, Olina managed to receive the ball and dribble it away.


Our team was amazing and we felt very proud about our achievements.


Match report written by: Olina, Freya and Emma.


Thank you for the match report girls.  I would like to add a massive congratulations to all the girls for their outstanding achievement at reaching this level of football. Gloucestershire County Finals! Everyone displayed such determination during what turned out to be strong opposition and a very cold windy evening.


Determination and self-belief is core to Cirencester Primary and it was a pleasure to support the team from start to finish. Thank you.   



Level 2 Sports Hall Athletics Final at Cirencester College

What an afternoon of outstanding athletics form every single competitor. With Cirencester red team winning their cluster event, they qualified with four other schools to enter the Level 2 finals. From the moment everyone arrived, everyone knew it was going to be a tough afternoon. Sitting between Bourton on the Water and Fairford Primary tensions were running high. All three schools finished in the top three positions last year!

Cirencester girls started the afternoon off well winning their first obstacle relay and the boys continued with a strong second in their first race. With every school trying their hardest and Cirencester Primary giving everything, it was going to finish very closely!

As the results were announced, silence fell over the hall. St Marys 5th, Powells 4th, Bourton on the Water 3rd, Cirencester Primary 2nd and Fairford 1st place. Same as last year! Only six points separated Fairford and Cirencester Primary - both schools were so close! 

Congratulations to every single competitor for a brilliant afternoon of top sports and displaying such a determined spirit throughout the afternoon. It was a pleasure to watch Cirencester Primary School competing at such a high level. 


Looking closely the Sports Hall Athletics results, Cirencester Primary gained another 6 points in the javelin event. This bought their final total to 220 points equalling Fairford Primary School's 220 points! With both schools on equal points and joint 1st place not allowed, Mrs Pauling needed to look at which school had the most 1st places in their events. Both schools had 10 wins! Now it was down to who had the most 2nd places! Cirencester Primary had seven 2nd places and Fairford Primary eight - so close!


What a close competition and congratulations goes to Fairford Primary for their extremely narrow but well deserved win. Roll on next year!!


Year 5 Development Football Team

A big well-done goes to our year five football team for trying their hardest and playing skilful football at the recent Year 5/6 Development Football Festival at Cirencester Arena. With no goals scored in the opening games, they all seemed to come in the last two!

Thank you to the joint captains for motivating and the supporting the team throughout the festival. Thinking ahead, Mr Archer is now on the lookout for more players to join his Football Club next September!  

Sports Disability Roadshow at Cirencester College

Many thanks to Cirencester College Student Volunteer Workforce for laying on such a successful afternoon of disability activities on Wednesday 22nd January 2020. With the aim of the afternoon to engage children in a variety of disability activities and raise awareness of the sports available to disabled people, it was a great success. Wheelchair basketball was certainly very popular and Power Chair Football a little scary!


Thank you to the organisers for all their hard work organising the event and the Cirencester Primary children for displaying their school values throughout the event.     





Year 4 Key Steps Gymnastics at Kingshill School

Congratulations to both our Key Steps Gymnastics teams that took part in Kingshill Schools annual gymnastic event on the 22nd January. 

Kingshill School Gymnastic Results

Level 3 New Age Kurling at Cheltenham Ladies College

What a brilliant achievement to reach The Level 3 Finals in New Age Kurling. An outstanding result for our year 4 team. Thank you to the team for displaying Cirencester Primary's school values for start to finish.  

Year 6 Handball at Kingshill School

Thank you to Kingshill School Young Leaders for laying on such a successful fun handball afternoon. With all the teams a combination of different primary school children and Kingshill School Young Leaders, it was a great success. Everyone learnt new skills proving to be very helpful for the start of handball next term!

Level 2 Quicksticks Finals at Deer Park School

Level 2 Quicksticks Results










  3rd =



  3rd =
















The moment the starting whistle blew our three quicksticks teams knew they were in for a very tough two hours of hockey! Never deterred and improving with every single game all eighteen players played their hearts out.


Watching the red team play was a privilege. Playing in the competitive Lion's pool, they began well beating both St Lawrence and our White team. Their winning streak continued until they met a strong Temple Guiting side and lost 2 -0 (four minute match!). Cirencester Reds carried on their winning streak beating Powell's Primary 3 - 2 in their penultimate match winning the game with an amazing goal from Jack and Olina! Having won five of their six games and with one to go, the likelihood of qualifying for the County Finals was strong. With Fairford Primary the only school stopping them, everyone knew a win was needed in their last match. Sadly, within the first few minutes, Fairford scored and no matter how hard everyone tried Cirencester Reds just could not find the goal! 


Eventually Powell's, Cirencester and Fairford finished on exactly the same points however with goals scored and goal difference taken into account Cirencester Reds came a very respectable third place.


Congratulations to all our teams for a brilliant afternoon of self-belief, determination and sporting passion. It was a pleasure to watch every single match. 

Dodgeball at Kingshill School

With dodgeball played during break at Cirencester Primary and no one ever quite knowing the rules, this was a great opportunity to finally learn the rules and play competitive dodgeball. Everyone soon found out how tiring it really is and it is not just about the throwing – there are many tactics to winning a game!

It turned out to be a great afternoon and new friends were made with children from other schools. Thank you to Kingshill School Young Leaders for putting on such a great event.

Spirit of the Games Dance Festival at Rendcomb College

Congratulations to our year four and five dancers for putting on such an amazing display of dancing at The Griffin Theatre, Rendcomb College on the 6th February.

Dancing to Darkside by Alan Walker, they were brilliant and it was very evident how hard the girls had worked to reach such a high standard. A big thank you needs to go to Phoebe and Ava, Kingshill School dance coaches, who turned up every single week and guided the girls from start to finish. They were BRILLIANT!


Message from a parent -

My daughter loved taking part each week and although I wasn't able to watch it, I've seen the performance and thought it was fantastic. Brilliant choreography, great team effort and the Kingshill girls should be really proud of themselves that they pulled it all together. 

Year 4 Multisports at Cirencester Arena

Thank you to Kingshill School for organising another enjoyable multi skills event at the Cirencester Arena. With a combination of dodgeball, handball, endball and cricket, every single ball handling skill was catered for and everyone had a great afternoon!

Kingshill and Deer Park School Cross Country Running

Thank you to every single runner that braved the cold windy weather conditions at both Kingshill and Deer Park Schools. It even managed to snow a little at Deer Park but everyone tried their hardest. Thank you.  

Year 5 and 6 Netball Festival at Kingshill School

What a fantastic afternoon of competitive netball at Kingshill School on Monday 2nd March. Both competitive and development teams played in a friendly festival against Ashton Keynes Primary aimed at improving match play, footwork skills and hardening up on the finer rules! 

Thank you to Mrs Last for coming along and supporting the teams and agreeing to coach them through to the next round.

Finally, thank you to both the teams for excellent sportsmanship, teamwork and thoroughly enjoying the afternoon of netball. 

Year 5 and 6 Development Netball Festival at Kingshill School

Well done to our amazing Development Netball Team for playing exceptional netball at the Kingshill School Development Netball Festival on Tuesday 3rd March and WINNING the festival! With Ann Edwards and Watermore Primary also playing, no one knew what to expect but the entire team were looking forward to improving their match play from the previous afternoon. They certainly did improve and won every game they played! 

The team are now looking forward to The Development Bee Netball Competition on Wednesday 11th March where they will meet another thirteen schools who will really test their skills and teamwork. Very exciting! 

Silver Ferns Bee Netball at Kingshill School

Cirencester Primary's Silver Ferns team is certainly flying high now, finishing a very respectable second place at The Silver Ferns Competition on Wednesday 11th March. Playing in Pool B against five other schools, they found their stride quickly with skilful supportive play and close defending. Winning the pool without conceding a match, took the team to the semi-finals against a competitive Watermore Primary however with brilliant play from everyone and Ava's sharp shooting Watermore soon fell behind and Cirencester went on to meet Hatherop in the finals.

Cirencester scored first against Hatherop but could not hold on to the lead and eventually finished 2 - 1 down after a tough match.

Coming in the top two takes the team to the North/South Cotswold Finals at Kingshill School on the 17th March. Lots more competitive netball to play!

Panathlon Challenge at Cirencester College

What an outstanding result from our Panathlon Challenge team of children earning themselves a well deserved second place - silver medallists! Ten year 6 children spent an enjoyable morning at Cirencester College taking part in variety of activities ranging from Tennis Slalom, Table Cricket, New Age Kurling to even Parachute Popcorn! Every single activity focused on teamwork, resilience, determination and self-belief encouraging the children to support each other throughout each activity.

Thank you to Mrs Jones for her continued support and accompanying the team to the event and thank you to all the children for their excellent behaviour from the moment they arrived to the second they left Cirencester College.