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Best Day of My Life - American Authors (Lyrics)

Best Day of My Life (Karaoke Version) - American Authors

Sing along with this Karaoke Version of Best Day of My Life as made famous by American Authors and enjoy it!

Look at all the fantastic learning Year 6 has been doing: writing of all kinds (poems, letters and diaries to name but a few); SATs practice; science experiments; art; PE; and much more!  Please keep sending us photos of you and your work.  Well done everyone - we are so proud!
Cody's report on The Tower of London
Maisy's report on the monkeys at London Zoo
Kane's report on the lemurs at London Zoo
Kane's report on the salamanders at London Zoo
Jayden's writing about London Zoo at night
Jayden's model of an animal enclosure at the zoo
"Lost" by Jayden
Cody's research on Henry VIII
Maisy W's virtual visit to The Tower of London
Kane's quiz questions about animals
Jayden's Hope Tree
Jayden's explanation of his Hope Tree
Today;One Day by Jayden
Maisy discovered this lovely mosaic in the woods.
Maisy and Evie enjoying a picnic!
Millie's artwork
Caitlin C's artwork
Caitlin C's Hope Tree
Today; One Day by Caitlin C
Today; One Day by Kane
Today; One Day by Liam
Jayden has done some super writing this week
Maisy W's thank you letter
Maisy's Today; One Day poem
Alfie's questions about life at secondary school
The Curious Four by Alfie
Jayden's writing
That looks fun!
Caitlin C's lovely craft work
Beautiful mosaics Caitlin!
Cody's letter to NHS staff
Emma and her brothers investigated the heart
They dissected an animal heart to find out more..
... and made posters to show what they learned
Extra stars for great scientific work!
Laurie has been helping in the garden...
... this is what it looks like at night!
Ebony's magnificent poem about lockdown...
...what a way to remember this unique time...
She can share this with her grandchildren one day!

Freya B's garden

Still image for this video
Have a look at the beautiful plants and enjoy the birdsong.
Freya B has ben busy gardening
Look at all these beautiful plants in her garden
Freya B's poem about a windmill
What a beautiful watercolour picture
Freya's research about two major world leaders
 A great arithmetic score for Freya B!
Phoebe's super writing...
Phoebe has enjoyed some lovely family walks...
...she has been growing bulbs...
...and baking too!
Amazing artwork Phoebe!
Freya B has earned 30 stars this week!
Freya B's balanced argument
By Freya B
Jasmine has been busy writing...
... she has written a story in several chapters.
Emily imagines having a chimpanzee as a teacher!
Friends Matter by Charlotte
Charlotte has been busy earning more stars!
Amber's alien story
Jayden's speech...
... and his debate writing

Ebony hula-hooping!

Still image for this video
Eva-Leigh baking...
Ebony's amazing ball skills...
Ellis has had a real-life biology lesson...
...when his cockapoo gave birth to 5 puppies!!!!
How gorgeous!

All about oceans

Still image for this video
Olina is studying oceans online: here is a video about how to use Google Earth to find out the depths of oceans. Did you also know that oceans are made up of many different components including: calcium chloride, magnesium and many others. Olina is becoming an expert on this subject!

Maisy W's balanced argument
Freya B earned 30 stars this week!
Kaya has been exercising daily
Kaya is helping around the house
Olina and Logan making a dog toy
Bruce seems to like it...
... a lot!
Olina took this beautiful picture...
... which inspired this wonderful poem.
Vicky's fact file
Mollie's cakes to celebrate the start of half-term
Freya's recount
Freya has faked a UFO langing for ICT!
Freya earned double stars for achieving 24/25!!!
Freya's ratio calculations...
...and her debate! What a lot of work!
Mollie's amazing story!
Can you see features of a Greater Depth writer?
Will W's effective use of bullet points
By Laurie
Freya B changed her bedding
Freya B knows about the flags of the world
Mmmmm.... carrot cake!
Making a volcanic cake...
Freya takes a break!
Freya's Einstein experiment
By Maisy W
Olina is always busy...
... she is doing an online course about the oceans
Olina (and Logan) enjoy the garden
A poem by Finley
By Finley
Diary of Boris Johnson by Finley
Ebony has been drawing the nature in her garden
Millie having a break from work!
Gabriel's book review!
Can you see evidence of Greater Depth writing?
...and he is helping out around the house too!
Jack has made pizza...
...created an impressive artwork...
...had fun with spray paints...
...built an insect home...
...and practised his photography skills!
Lilly's beautiful FRIEND poem
Eva-Leigh's story...
...can you spot evidence of Greater Depth writing?
Emma's lemon drizzle cake - yum!
Maisy W's cakes with crumbled shortbread topping
Maisy W's healthy lunch
Maisy W's family did a 17km bike ride!
Cody experiments with light...
... and investiagtes the spectrum
Jack's creepy newspaper report...
...can you spot features of Greater Depth writing?
Lilly's built a veg-planter for her lettuces!
Evie earns 2 stars for baking...
10/10 on the Cracking Comp reading challenge!
Wow! Ebony is amazing at long multiplication!
Amber and her mum did some mindfulness colouring
Laurie has made a logpile home
And here are some of its inhabitants
Charlotte has earned lots more stars!
Charlotte's mindfulness colouring
Kaya has improved his knowledge of South America
Kaya's cat likes to be involved!
Lunch is served
This week's shopping list
Caitlin C enjoys a walk with her family
Caitlin C's Union flag
Hard at work!
Freya B has earned 29 stars this week!
Growing lots of plants...
Making birdfeeders
Helping with wallpapering - lovely pattern!
Freya B's rap
Helen and Daniel working on Scratch
Helen's bean is growing fast.
Helen's comparison of Victorian and modern prisons
Helen's book review


Still image for this video
Lilly has sanded and painted her bench...
...what a talented young lady!
Ebony camping in the garden!
...  and growing sunflowers!
Freya (and Carlos) hard at work
Freya makes lunch (WOW!)
...and back-flips (Fighting Fit challenge)
Freya's home-made star-chart
Freya learns about money...
...and how lights can be split into colours
Eloise has produced some lovely writing
Daniel's week 2 star log
Vicky has been SO busy earning stars...
Full marks - amazing!!!
Emily and Rosie made colour spectrum wheels
Emily and Rosie experimenting with light
Rosie is growing sunflowers
Emily and Rose have made a hedgehog house
Emily made some cakes - yum!
Emily and Rosie are working hard to earn stars!
Lilly has made some beautiful bunting... decorate her house!

Quiz time!

Olina and Amber have been taking part in quizzes with friends and family: here are quiz questions which they compiled.  Why not try them with your family and see how you get on?  The only rules are: no peaking at the answers; no looking up answers online; and have fun!

Olina's quiz
Answers to Olina's quiz
Amber's quiz
Answers to Amber's quiz
Lilly earning stars by making dinner...
... and by learning how to use the sewing machine!
Mollie's super-careful mindfulness colouring
Freya B's work on the French Revolution
She was also inspired to create a watercolour
Can you spot the hidden message in Freya's art?
Emma and her mum walking in the woods
Emma's plants are growing!
Jasmine's beautiful description of a daisy
Jasmine's rainbow story
Is This Possible? by Jasmine
Alfie is running for the NHS and has raised £360!
Alfie and his little brother enjoy the sunshine
Ebony's VE Day celebrations!
Ebony creates lava lamps!
Lilly's intricate mindfulness colouring
'The Amazing Cactus!' by Gabriel
Gabriel and his sister make stress-balls
Wow! Mollie made this all by herself!
Caitlin C earns stars by baking...
...blueberry muffins
Here is the delicious result!
Well done Freya B - super geographical knowledge!
Cody is earning lots of stars!
Bunting for VE Day
Cody's chilli plant...
and some strawberry plants too.
Helping resurface the driveway
That deserves more stars!
Amber earns stars by baking
They look delicious!
Amber's nature  in art creation
Olina created constellations of the Zodiac signs..
out of marshmallows!
A very creative way of earning stars!
We wonder what happened to the marshmallows later!
Freya B has been so busy earning stars
A DT project...
... to create a Union flag
A beautiful rainbow
Helping with decorating
A game of tennis
Freya B's record of her stars in Week 1
A total of 28 - well done Freya!
Freya B's poem for key workers
Maisy W has been busy earning stars...
Making sausage rolls - yum!
Learning to sew
Planting tomatos and beans
Showing how a tornado works
Charlotte's beautiful nature in art
Helen's beautiful nature in art
Helen is learning about germination.
Jasmine has earned lots of stars
Experimenting with light
Jasmine's beautiful nature in art
Jasmine's VE day menu
And here is her delicious afternoon tea!
Jack's refraction experiments
Beautiful nature in art
Jack is growing sunflowers!
Daniel uses his diary to keep track of his stars

Freya discovers an ants' nest!

Still image for this video
Freya earning stars... planting carrots and petunias
...and cooking a delicious family dinner  of...
...bangers & mash with peas and gravy. YUM!
Full marks! Amazing Lilly!
Lilly built this shelf ALL BY HERSELF! (+2 stars)
Ebony's list poem
Earning stars by cooking...
Amazing art in nature (2 stars)
Earning stars by cooking...
Wow! Delicious!
Vicky learning coutries of the world (2 stars)
An amazing piece of historical research! (2 stars)
Olina tending her garden and earning more stars!
Pizza  for dinner!
Finley baked a cake for his Nana - 2 more stars!

Sophie's family designed and built a trebuchet - WOW!

The Trebuchet was a weapon used during siege warfare during the Medieval period and was similar to a catapult.  It was used for hurling heavy stones to smash castle or city walls.  It was also used to fire barrels of burning tar.  Sophie's family wisely used tennis balls to test their trebuchet!  I am told it fires them a long distance!  Sophie has earned herself 4 very well-deserved extra stars for her efforts.


Laurie's rainbow
By Laurie
Covid-19 Outbreak: a poem by Olina
Surf Life by Olina
Amber has fun while exercising
A!mber explores gravity!
Forest Floor by Rosie
Freya B's 5-Star Challenge timetable
Ebony making tea - YUM! (2 extra stars earned)
Millie making lunch (2 extra stars!)

Pogo crazy!

Still image for this video
Lilly earns 4 extra stars by washing the pick-up..
...and planting vegetables in an old water trough
'Seaside Swirl' by Emily S (2 stars earned)
Freya earns stars by baking...
... some delicious brownies.
Here is the result!
And here is the recipe for you to have a go.
Freya earning an extra 2 stars by... glass for her Mum's greenhouse project
Freya's beautiful 'Nature in Art' creation
(2 more stars earned!)
Vicky working so hard on her maths
Amazing geometry!
How we see reflections in a mirror (2 extra stars)
Charlotte has been practising algebra
Charlotte's maths
Charlotte's portal story
Full marks for Amber in a reasoning paper!
Jasmine's doors writing
Jasmine's work on light
Jasmine's periscope...
...and a model to explain how light travels

Can you translate what Ebony is saying in sign language?

Still image for this video
Freya's yummy lemon cupcakes
Jack has been working hard with co-ordinates...
...and geometry
By Lilly W
Oscar's impressive maths...
...super writing....
...and after a hard week's work...'s time to relax!

Laurie's short film

Still image for this video
Caitlin C is keeping busy!
Caitlin C's doors picture
Caitlin C's doors writing
By Caitlin C
Making gloop... scientifically of course!
Amber's science experiment
Separating solids and liquids
Salt and water
It works!
Freya B's rap
Alfie's Covid-19 poem
Ebony on her floor balance beam

Ebony balance (1).mov

Still image for this video
Freya's home baking looks delicious!
Freya's scone recipe - why not have a go!
Great work on shape Kaya!
Hard at work
Kaya enjoying some quiet reading time
Early mornng bug-hunting in Laurie's garden
Laurie's magic door
Maisy W's doors poem
A perfect tetrahedron!

Freya's trampoline antics!

Still image for this video
Freya's light reflection experiment
Freya working on flexibility & core body strength
Ebony and Mum completed a 1000 piece jigsaw!
Learning to skateboard
Glow-stick dancing
Amber knows all about internet safety!
Amber's information chart on chemicals
Amber likes to draw to relax
By Amber
Freya hard at work
The trampoline is Freya's favourite work-space!
Beating her personal best on Rockstars!!!
Freya's beautiful 'door' poetry

Olina's Scratch game about the effects of CoronaVirus

Still image for this video
The background shows all the things we can't do at the moment and the rainbow gets rid of the germs floating around.
By Freya B
By Freya B
Alfie's lockdown diary

Millie keeping fit & healthy!

Still image for this video

Millie wk5 (2).mov

Still image for this video

Millie wk5 (3).mov

Still image for this video
Liam hard at work
Millie's 'Doors' creation
Vicky has been keeping so busy!
Amazing test scores!
Vicky's door...
...and door poetry
A map of Vicky's house and garden
Daniel's board game
Jack explains how we see reflections in a mirror
Jack's door
Lilly's live project: 'Wriggles' is growing!

Vicky's amazing pond project...

Still image for this video
Mollie's strawberry river door
Mollie & Henry enjoying the sunshine
Mollie's creepy suspense story!

Olina on the indo board: a great alternative to surfing!

Still image for this video
The Joe Wick's daily workout at Isabelle's house
Isabelle hard at work
Isabelle's family handprints
Getting some fresh air and exercise
Building a strawberry planter
Here is the result!
Laurie's letter to the NHS
Go Ebony!!!

Take a look at Will W's outstanding nature photography...

Olina's diary of Boris Johnson
Isabelle has been busy!
Isabelle has been busy!
Isabelle has been busy!
Isabelle's picture
Caitlin M has been working hard!
By Caitlin M
By Caitlin M
Jasmine's underworld door
Olina's garden
Olina's garden
Olina's garden
Olina's cat helping with the gardening!
Ebony's door
Lilly's door
Door poetry by Ebony
What an artist!
Gabriel's door
Kane's NHS letter
Oscar has been working so hard!
Lily's biscuits look beautiful and delicious!
Lily hard at work
Lily's mindmap on the NHS
By Emily
By Emily
By Emily
By Emily
By Rosie
By Rosie
By Rosie
Bertie's 'Door' poem
Emma sends her love
Jasmine's maths game
By Jasmine
Jasmine's diary of Boris Johnson
Alfie's letter to NHS staff
Alfie's diary of Boris Johnson
By Evie
By Jack
89  bounces in 60 seconds!!!
Ebony sends her love
Cody's gardening project
Cody's gardening project
Cody and dad hard at work
Cody and dad hard at work
Lilly's lamb called 'Wriggles'


Still image for this video
Evan's motion video...
Lilly's home-schooling presentation
Jack's marble run (10 second record!)
'tramp-scooter' as skate-park can't be visited

Still image for this video
Bertie's Boris diary