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Cirencester Primary School and Nursery

Current Curriculum Content

Our Vision and Aims

With our values firmly at the heart of our school, our primary aim is to promote and support a healthy outlook for our children through opportunities to develop physical and emotional health alongside academic rigour.


To ensure all young people achieve and recognise their full potential and leave our care equipped with the skills for their lifelong learning journey, we:

  • focus on human values within positive social relationships
  • focus on physical and mental health including our well being
  • develop a love for learning and a love for learning through an engaging curriculum that develops communication skills
  • encourage our pupils to be inquisitive, independent, creative and confident
  • value close collaboration with our parents and our local community.
  • provide opportunities for learning beyond our everyday lives

We encourage our children to explore a wide variety of pathways, to consider and take responsibility for their own choices and to respect the choices of others. We expect our children to strive to be the best they can be whilst leading healthy, fulfilling, purposeful and giving lives.