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Year 3B

We sketched circles and shadows in Art. We drew circular shaped objects in real life. We designed and made our own Egyptian pots.

We enjoyed a ‘sleepover’ with a hot chocolate and biscuit to start our new topic. Whilst we were watching the film there was an attempted theft of some of Mrs Dalgliesh-Smith’s things. Luckily they were spotted and brought back to class quickly. As a consequence the thief stayed in at break time and made a formal apology to both classes.

We went for a walk to our local war memorial to find names of soldiers we have learnt about in school. We placed a poppy wreath on behalf of CPS before taking a moments silence to remember the brave soldiers. We looked at the plaque in Bingham hall which lists pupils from the grammar school and left poppies at some special venues.

Art day - we sketched our own mini landscapes before looking at examples of landscapes by the war artist, Paul Nash. We considered how we might feel if we were in the painting. We used colour to add emotion to our own landscapes.

In geography we made 2D and 3D maps of the school grounds.

We learnt that computers can connect to each other. In school devices connect in a network. We went on a hunt to find devices connected to the network. We found the main server, wireless points, switches and printers.

For our writing hook the 3A and 3B competed in a match of football. Some children became reporters and interviewed the players.

Writing hook - to immerse the children into their new topic they pretended to be WW1 soldiers. They listened to the sounds of rifles being shot and whistles while attempting to defeat the enemy.


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