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6 A

April 2022: RE What account does Mark 14-15 give of Holy Week?

In our RE lessons, we have been learning about what Christians believe Jesus did to save people. We can remember the events of Holy Week through illustrating and sequencing. Please ask us to describe them to you!

February 2022: Art Day!

Y6 painted and sketched still life today with a close focus on negative space and texture. Which is you favourite?

January 2022: ZUMBAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

This week, Y6 led their own zumba session. We identified some very confident sports leaders with some excellent moves - we even managed a dance-off to finish!


Still image for this video


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December 2021: micro-organisms!

Year 6 designed our own micro-organisms using plasticine. We chose bacteria, virus, fungus, plankton or dustmites. We considered where our micro-organism was situated on the tree of life (remembering that viruses are not even considered by many scientists to be alive); we thought about whether our micro-organism was eukaryotic or prokaryotic and considered the cell structure. Do you like our creations?

December 2021: Lillie - winner of the Beehive illustration award

Lillie's artwork depicting ideas of how we can help heal the world in the future was selected as a winner by Beehive Illustrators, who converted it into an amazing picture-book illustration. This is so relevant to our topic learning and was inspirational for our poetry writing today. Congratulations Lillie!

December 2021: Natural History Museum, Oxford

To round off our topic learning about evolution, inheritance and living things, Y6 spent time examining the exhibits and attended an evolution workshop. We consolidated this term's learning and made lots of new links. We were so excited to see Farthing in the 'Journey of the Beagle' display and to learn that the Oxford Evolutionary Debate we have been writing about actually took place here at the museum in 1860! What an amazing day!

November 2021: Woodlice choice chamber investigation

Today we designed and built choice chambers to investigate whether woodlice prefer dark, light, damp or dry habitats. We collected our woodlice from the school wood pile and recorded their choices every minute for 15 minutes. We will write our findings up as a science report next week. (Disclaimer: no woodlice were injured during this investigation!!!)

November : French afternoon!

6A thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in the tricolor colours this week. We sang French songs, produced some beautiful French-style artworks (using pointilism) and ate SO MUCH French food! Ooh la la!

November 2021: Children in Need shelter building

We spent some time this afternoon using the materials around us in the classroom, including chairs, tables, blankets, bin-bags, pegs and tape, to create our own group shelters. We were competing to design and build the comfiest shelter and the most weather-proof shelter. We had great fun but our activity had a serious side too...


Here are some facts about child homelessness in England. In the first quarter of 2018, over 123 000 UK children were in temporary accommodation. That is an 80% increase since 2011. Campaigners point to government welfare cuts and a lack of affordable housing as the main contributors. Other factors include friends or relatives unable to help, relationship breakdowns and unemployment. Just imagine if our classroom shelter was truly your only home.

November 2021: Y6 Football Team

October 2021: Our amazing cross-country runners

fronted by Isla who showed true grit and determination in achieving first place!!! What an outstanding accomplishment to excel when competing against the best long-distance runners in the area.

October 2021: Clay tile portraits

We used our Skellig sketchbooks as inspiration for these clay portrait tiles. First we rolled and cut our tiles into 10cm squres. Then we traced our design on to them. We gouged into the clay for depth and used scoring and slip to add extra clay for height in order to create a 3D effect. We finished by smoothing, and using tools to add extra detail and texture. Do you think we have captured the sinister atmosphere of Skellig?

October 2021: 6A Gymnastics with Mr Robinson!

October 2021: Skellig sketchbooks:

Check out our Skellig artworks; we used a mixture of water-colours, pens, sketching pencils, collage and charcoal to portray his personality and create atmosphere...

October : sketching features

We have focused carefully on facial features and used sketching pencils and textured paper. We are hoping this will help us with our Skellig portraits.

September 2021: Come to Skellig Michael!

Have a read of our holiday brochures - have we persuaded you to visit?

September 2021: Self-portraits

This term Year 6 are studying portraiture; we began by using close observational skills and a range of tones to re-create the missing half of our own face using soft sketching pencils. What a talented class!