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Home Learning-Our new 'classrooms'

Some pictures of us learning in our first week apart and what we have made.

Ethan (and mini-Esme) learning. Harry's amazing science lava lamps. Rosie reading, writing and cooking. And Toby has found himself a new talk partner (sorry, Owen, but you can't compete with Crumpet!).

Good to see so many of us pushing ourselves, and supporting our parents with younger ones. Love to all and thank you for sharing.



Information during school closure

I was very sorry to have been unable to say 'see you soon' when school shut (I was at home as my family were ill). I miss all of you, and look forward to seeing you when this is over. I am still caring for my family here, but will post work and do anything I can to answer emails if your parents contact me.


You will now be spending a lot more time at home, and this message is both to you and those looking after you (who will be worried about your happiness and health, as I am about my own kids).

1. Look after yourselves and those you love. Talk to them if you are worried. Remember they might feel a bit worried too. They might be snappy and other children might seem naughty. Show kindness to each other.

2. Do a little work each day when you can so we can get back to normal as soon as we are back together. This does not mean working as if at school. It means doing a little bit of work each day from what we send home. Keep reading every day, writing a bit and practising your maths facts, times tables and written operations. Tell your parents they don't need a six-hour learning programme unless they want to make one. New work will be copied in school and posted here. Working regularly at one or two points during the day is better than working in large chunks.

3. Kids in school are not doing lots of special fun activities or extra learning. They are there because their parents are bravely looking after sick people, old people and making sure we all have food to eat. They will worry even more about their parents than you do about yours. You're happier and safer at home.

4. You'll want to stay in touch with each other and the world and will spend more time online. You know how to keep yourself safe, so do. If you see anything online that makes you 'feel funny' talk to an adult.

5. If you feel you want to do something more regular using a computer then try PE with Joe (Youtube-The Body Coach TV) at 9 every morning-if you are like my kids you can embarrass your parents with how fit you are! If you miss writing then The Training Space on Youtube with Jane Considine has a writing challenge every day starting at 9:45.  There is Maths on the timetables site ( we use and TT Rockstars is free at the moment. I will post some links to Art and DT projects and History work as this goes on. Do what you want, this isn't a competition. find an interest and follow it a bit.

6. Remember you and your families will always be special to your teachers and school. Look after yourselves. We love and care for you. Love and care for each other. Use this week to get used to working at home, and to find different ways of being happy and together.




General Information



There are 2 main teaching staff in Sweden: Mr Johnson and Miss Szaniszlo, both of whom work every day. In addition, Miss Batty (as student teacher) will be with us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the Christmas and Summer terms.



The children in Sweden Class have PE on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. In some cases, their kit will be wet or muddy, in which case we will send it home for a wash or dry overnight so please remember to bring it back on a Thursday morning. PE kit should otherwise be in school EVERY day.


School Uniform and PE Kit
Please ensure that all of your child's uniform and PE kit is labelled with their name (shoes/trainers too) as too often we lose items or have unwanted clothing within our own classroom let alone the wider school.


Learning at home

Each child has been sent home with a copy of the Y3/4 spelling list, highlighted with the words they already know. This National Curriculum list of words are those that your child needs to know by year end or sooner as they will be tested on them. Having the list visible at home and helping them to find fun ways of learning the words will help your child immensely. In addition, we will be teaching spelling rules day by day, in class, for many other words.



Times tables

A Y4 objective (expectation) is that each child will know all twelve of the times tables that we teach. Year 4s now undertake a national test (online) at the end of each academic year to establish their times table knowledge. To prepare them for this, we use the school iPads to improve both their knowledge and speed. You can help them at home by accessing the website:  (choose Speed Test from the right hand menu). Your child should know the rest of the drill - they all seem to enjoy it.




While we will undertake reading comprehension (reading and understanding) each day at school, a child's reading is best advanced by reading regularly at home. A good reader inevitably leads to a good writer and enables access in greater depth to more of the curriculum.


Home School Books

By now, your child should have signed the agreement at the front of the book. These books replace the old Reading Records. They allow you to record your child's daily reading at home and add comments about any matter that you might wish to raise with us. Children are expected to bring these books with them every day and on Thursdays we will review each child's progress in reading at home. Please support this whenever you can.

Advertising Cirencester

Three advertising agencies-Yell-O, GreeN and Blu-are competing for the prestigious contract to advertise Cirencester to tourists. You can form part of our focus group by looking at their efforts, and letting us know what you think. The copywriter's initials appear by each section.



Do you like a lovely Christmas treat on a cold, snowy day? Would you like a nice, relaxing spa with some lovely music of your choice? Do you like hot chocolate with marshmallows? You should come to Cirencester,  because it is lovely at Christmas time (Section by M-R W-L).



Cirencester is a beautiful place. You can tan perfectly if you like the sun's heat. Sit and walk your doggies in this superb park called St Michael's Park. If you like your children worn out,  book them into Rugrats and Halfpints so they get exhausted. Come to Cirencester if you would like to try our amazing fast food shops. So, come to Cirencester! It is amazing! (Section by SO)




If you  like to watch rugby and football being played outstandingly, come to Cirencester to watch (South Cerney FC and Cirencester RC are brilliant). If you want to get into the Christmas spirit come to the marvellous Christmas market selling superb, handmade items, which make splendid small gifts, such as : craft cider, local cheeses and our famous local fudge. We have the best Christmas fairs. Don't miss out! (Section by HK)



This week's writing: Alva meets the seer.


This week's writing focus comes from our class book, Way of the Waves, by Janina Ramirez. It tells the story of a young Viking girl called Alva, who travels to England to search for her father. We are rewriting the opening chapter, when we meet her for the first time and she visits the "seer and sacrificer" Sigrunn to ask for a sleeping potion...


This week's selections are chosen by a prize-winning junior writer who is in Year 6 at another primary school. He does not know the children's objectives for the day, so has just chosen the writing he likes best. He has said why he likes our writers' work below each choice.


Day 1: Describe the Hut

Yellow group (IO)

Alva saw the scary, dark hut as she got closer. Inside the hut, the moon shone like a beacon.

"I loved the description, and especially the moon being like a beacon. I also liked the contrast between light and dark."

Green group (AB)

All I could see in the fires' flames were ropes' knots hitting my head, and cast spells on shelves in the corner like they were nothing. The barrels' food was over a hundred years old, breaking minute by minute. The barrels were cracking until they broke. There were bones' holes that you could fit a whole fist in.

"This really captures the hut and immediately gives me a picture of what it is like."

Blue group (EL)

Alva had never been inside the seer's house before. She could have swallowed a glassful of dust by now. She entered the cold, freezing hut and all she could see was the seer's face appearing in the moonlight from the window above. She crept towards the seer and sat down on the freezing cold seat, that was splintery. The seer said, in a croaky voice, "I see your future, I see your death." The seer had been doing this for many years, but never had she been asked to make a potion for a wolf, well not by a girl anyway! The seer mumbled as she made the potion for the wolf.

"This brings the eerieness of the story to life, there are some great images and the description uses all five sense."


Day 2: Describe the Seer

Yellow group (TR-best bits)

The seer's teeth were so rotten because she just sat there. The seer's face was so pimpled because she just sat in dust. Her cloak was so dusty, ripped and frayed because she did not look after her clothes. Her voice was croaky, although she did not care. The seer's teeth were so yellow after she was a child. She was so ugly no-one wanted to look at her. She had a skull-like face because she didn't eat lots. Everyone could see a row of tombstones in her mouth when she talks."

"I liked this because it described the seer, but also how people felt about her."

Green group (OW, but IG's was also great)

The old seer had an old garlic clove dangling off his shoelace. Beside the old seer was a table with several potions. Underneath the seer was an old, rotten, wooden barrel. In his hand, he was holding a green, bubbling potion. His other hand was a strange, black, rubbery grey. Underneath the big, black cloak there was a wrinkly man. In his mouth was a set of yellow, totally decayed teeth, and if you saw them you would cringe. He had a weird tatoo across his neck-it was a big, red dragon.

"I really liked the detail here. It showed the rundown hut and the strange man and I can picture them. It also set a mood clearly-disgust, dirt and magic!. IG's also had a lot of different grammar forms to make it interesting to read"

Blue group (LR, but they were all good, especially EL's)

As Jerrimy stopped he heard the door creak open as the seer walked in. Jerrimy knew the seer and wanted to go but he knew he must stay. He took a deep breath and mumbled, "I need a sleeping potion and you're the only one who can help me." He stood bravely. The seer stood silently. The seer smiled. Jerrimy was disgusted at what he saw when he started looking at her. The teeth were like a row of tombstones. In a croaking voice he said, "And why do you want that, if I may ask?"

"That is none of your business, you don't need to ask, just please may I have it?" A frown went on the seer's face, and she nodded. Jerrimy stood back, as he looked at her he became more disgusted. Her face was like a skeleton. Hr breath was like rotten eggs. her teeth were decaying. He hoped the seer could make it faster.

"This is a great mix of description and speech. I thought the contrasts-stood vravely and stood silently-were really clever. I also liked the way the descitpion was introduced by repeating disgusted. EL's was also very good, but this was just a bit better."

Day 3: Describe Alva / the main character

Yellow group (TR-again!)

The seer was not trustworthy for making a toxic potion with Alva. Alva had flaming red hair. The toxic potion was cool and slimy, but you could not touch it. Alva was slim and brave. She only smiled because she wanted to trick the seer. When they were making the potion, Alva sneakily attacked the seer. She tried to punch the seer, but the seer caught her hand and said, "Well, well, well, I knew I could not trust you."  Alva said, "You will never win." Alva thought she had the potion, but she did not.

"I liked this because it described Alva, and also had some action. I don't know why she attacked the seer, it makes me curius about whether she will get the potion."

Green group (IG)

Bravely, Alva went into the seer's hut. She went to go and sit down on the low stool.  She cautiously sat down on the wet, soggy stool. Fiercely, she went to go but she could not get out. She tried to go outside form the windwo, but it was locked. Calmly, she sat down again. Shhe got the potion and talked to the seer. "Thanks for the potion,"said Alva.

"That's OK," said the seer. Then Alva left. "Bye," she said.

"Bye," the seer shouted.

"I really liked the idea she might change her mind and try to leave, and the way IG used adverbs to help me picture it."

Blue group (EA)

Alva couldn't bear looking at the dead rat in the hut. Ali, her companion, was about to let all her insulting words burst out of her, but she wouldn't dare to. But Alva's red, flaming hair shone brightly. Her freckles and her rosy cheeks glowed. Ali bravely looked at the seer's crooked, grey eyes. Alva had been shaking as she promised in he rheead she would never come here again. It would be the first and last time they came.

"This was perfect  because it was so short. We've been doing a lot of work in Year 6 Greater Depth Writing about short stories which say a lot in a few words. This is brilliant, not a word is wasted. I think EA would be great in Year 6 already!"


Footage from builders' phones, security cameras and our school systems have revelaed the sensational truth behind Tuesday's fire alarm. We present the video here with a banner across to protect our 'scoop'. Full report to follow when our reporters have discovered even more!


The truth is out there....

Still image for this video

Opening reports from our reporters (MV,MC,RH)

Clementine Jaune, The Yellow Yell

On Tuesday morning, the alarm went off because an alien spaceship appeared from the sky. An alien was in it. The alien pointed at Cirencester Primary School car park and he pressed a button that made a robot blast the car park. Miss Dyer was in the school office but Mrs Cook called her and told her to push a button that made a rocket fly into the robot.


Olive Verte, Green's Gazette

Last Tuesday, 19th November, an alien invaded Cirencester School at 9:30am. Moreover, another UFO landed on the school field and an alien came out and pointed at the car park. Additionally, a mechanical robot shot and killed Colin, the site manager, who died by this robot. Teachers rang the office. Furthermore, a rocket was launched at the robot  and the UFO. This destroyed them..


Indigo Violetto, Purple Paper

On Tuesday 19th November at 9:30am, Cirencester Primary School was invaded by aliens. The local school, which is undergoing extensive renovations at the moment, was disturbed by the fire alarm going off. Colin, the site manager, was sadly attacked and shot by an alien robot. Miss Dyer, who  works in the school office, in terror pushed the shiny button under her wooden desk, launching a missile from the school's brand new underground base. The aliens were destroyed.


More to follow as details emerge.....

First Contact Reported (AA,EB,LT,EC)

Clementine Jaune, The Yellow Yell

In a hurricane, a metallic spaceship landed on the green school field. It was shocking because no-one there had ever seen an alien before. The builders were scared when they saw the spaceship, but they could not do anything. When the spaceship landed a stall came out. The alien they saw was fat but had a skeletal head. Everyone was scared when it came out.


Olive Verte, Green's Gazette

In the grey sky, a vortex started above Cirencester Primary School. Our reporter talked to a student. "I was petrified at that moment," said Sophie shaking. A  Mr-Johnson--shaped alien came out of the spaceship and pointed at the security camera. Georgie, a Reception child, growled, "I want my Mummy." 

"I thought someone was pranking me," said Mrs  Dyer. Colin, the site manager, is reported to have said, "I am worried about my workers, thinking they were all going to die."

"I was petrified when I found out," said Miss Batty, but Mr Johnson screamed, "I was worried about my class."


Indigo Violetto, Purple Paper

A vortex appeared in the sky. "I saw the vortex, I was petrified," said David, who was a builder. Out of the vortex came a mechanical spaceship flying above the field. "Then I felt disbelief and thought someone was playing a prank on me," said David, still shaking.

Unconsciously, teachers, students and people walking past started to running and screaming. Someone shouted, "Aliens! Aliens!" Then that person fainted.

The spaceship landed, the door opened with a quiet hum, and a fat alien stepped out, pointed at the nearest worker and said in a screechy voice, "We will take over now."



More on the later attack as details emerge.....

Casualty reported in alien attack on school (AB, IG, RG)


Clementine Jaune, The Yellow Yell

The alien was not pointing at people but it was pointing at a robot. The robot had all types of guns. Site manager Colin was shot and died. When he died, the robot looked round and shot so nobody could see. Mrs Cook said she saw a big robot breaking the school.  She phoned the office because they could help.


Olive Verte, Green's Gazette

In the teacher's car park, site Manager Colin shouted, "Help me! Help me!" The tin robot then shot Colin and he fell to the ground. He shouted out, "A  robot invasion!"

"Exterminate," shouted the big, scary robot. Mrs Cook rang the office. "Use the defence plan!"  she said.


Indigo Violetto, Purple Paper

Mrs Cook, the forest school teacher, was first to hear the metallic, mechanical robot. "I heard a loud, clanking sound from the school's car park," explained Mrs Cook, "before I saw a menacing silhouette darkening the whole of Forest School." The robot, about 5m tall, moved heavily towards Colin, the site manager, firing blue lasers at everything in the car park, unfortunately shooting and killing poor Colin. "Seeing Colin run for his life, " reported Cameraman Dave, "I also ran, hiding behind the digger and quaking in my builder's boots!" Bobby the builder cried, "I thought I was going to die, I didn't know what to do."

Luckily, Mrs Cook had the presence of mind to alert the school office, who began the emergency safety procedure.


School's response and our concerns in the next report

Alien threat neutralised (TR, OW, TK)


Clementine Jaune, The Yellow Yell

When they got the call, the offcie pressed a shiny, red button under their desk and it opened up an enormous door in the playground. This door had another layer over it to keep it camouflaged so the pupils would not know. The top came out and then, 7 seconds later and when it blasted off boiling hot flames came out of the rocket. Then it exploded the aliens with gunpowder inside the missile.

But questions reamin. Why did the school have a rocket under the playground? Why did the aliens come here instead of somewhere else? Why was the red button in the office? Why did the school not blow up because of the size of the rocket?


Olive Verte, Green's Gazette

Miss Dyer was shocked to get the phone call. However, she did not press the button then. Then a builder rnag, then another. Miss Dyer thought the calls were true so she pressed the red button. The school's missile came out of metal doors. Suddenly, a rocket came out and fired at the mechanical monster. Next minute, the  missile hit and the moonster got destroyed. Miss Dyer has destroyed the aliens.


Indigo Violetto, Purple Paper

Mrs Cook explained to Miss Dyer, "There's an alien attack." Miss Dyer thought, "This is a prank!" But, 10 to 15 calls came through and she ppushed a red button and launched a missile. The missile exploded the alien robot.  The fire alarm then went off.

Questions remain, however. Would the aliens return? Would more invade? How safe is it to have missiles in school playgrounds?

An Anglo-Saxon Village Museum

Over the last few weeks, Sweden Class have been creating a museum for the Anglo-Saxon site of Swedington (the settllement of Swede's people).

We began by excavating a site using a computer simulation, which showed us the type of buildings, layout and remains we might find. We then used a variety of Art and DT skills to craft brooches, swords, pots, and sandals; to weave cloth and to dye wool. In addition to our labelled exhibits, we recreated a model of the settlement to help visitors understand the site. We also set up an interactive area, with weaving and dressing up, to help engage younger visitors.

We opened our doors to two sets of visitors, Year 2 and our families, and guided all round so they could complete the 'Swdington Museum Challenge' and earn themselves a sticker!

We hope everyone enjoyed the museum and learned from it.


Life in Britain around 410CE

We are now settling in to new routines, and beginning to explore our topic on the Anglo-Saxons in more depth. For the last two weeks we have writing a diary exploring how a British and a Germanic child would have experienced life around 410, just as the Roman legions left. The teachers have been blown away by the children's enthusiasm, grasp of detail and ability to empathise with others.

The children have been more interested in how people went to the toilet! Attached is a picture they wanted posted. Can any adult see what is wrong with this reconstruction, and suggest where it might be?

Discussion starter

Rich and poor in Roman Britain. Although we think of 'Roman' Britain as luxurious and civilised, most people lived much as they had for the rest of the Iron Age. These pictures show: a typical late Roman village; a villa and a town. We have been examining the similarities and differences between them. 



The Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians arrive!

We spent this week looking at the houses and clothing of the Germanic tribes that came to settle in (and sometimes to conquer) Roman Britain. We have also looked at where they came from, and where in Britain each tribe's leaders ended up in charge.

We have used the images below to help us.