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November 2020: Woodlouse Choice Chambers

Year 6 had a very interesting afternoon carrying out an experiment to see which habitat woodlice prefer. We designed and built our choice chambers, considering light v dark and dry v damp, and then invited lots of lovely woodlice to move in. We recorded their behaviour over a set period of time. We will use our results to write up a science report next week. Please ask us about this!


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October 2020: Fantastic Fossils!

This week we explored fossils and examined how they can provide evidence of evolution.

September 2020: Newspaper self-portraits

This week we continued with our self-portraiture theme by ripping up old newspapers to embellish our printed images. We considered texture and colour and used words to express who we really are.

September 2020

Have a read of or Skellig Michael travel brochures. Have we persuaded you to visit?

September: grass houses!

6A showed tremendous collaborational skills during breaktime and lunchtime creating a mowed grass house with rooms for everyone.


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September: 'blind' self-portraits using mixed media. Can you recognise us?

September: observational self-portraits using tonal sketching - Can you recognise us?