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December 2020: Merry Christmas everyone!!!

December 2020: We have manipulated famous paintings in the style of Banksy to make statements about human impact on our planet

December 2020: Mouldy bread experiments

This term, we carried out science experiments with slices of bread. We were aiming to find out whether mould prefers damp or dry conditions / warm or cold conditions / light or dark conditions / open-air or airtight conditions. After 2 weeks of observing our bread and recording changes, we were able to write our results as a science report. It appears that mould generally prefers to grow in warm, moist conditions. We found that a different kind of mould appears to grow in dark conditions. Mould grows quicker when exposed to the open-air but the bread dries out and this inhibits the growth. (Limitations: we also found out that this experiment takes a lot longer than usual during COVID because our classroom is so chilly with the doors open!)


We also carried out a whole-class experiment with three slices of bread: the first no-one touched, the second we all touched when we had just arrived at school and the third we all touched after we had washed our hands. The photos below are clear evidence of the importance of washing hands - a great lesson for us all!

December 2020: Class Council

Our class councillors have done an excellent job this term leading assemblies on today's hot topics:

  • What would you have like to have known at the start of lockdown?
  • What was your number one tip for staying happy and healthy during lockdown?
  • If you could put one item into a time capsule, what would it be and why?
  • What was the best thing about learning at home? What were the challenges?
  • When the pandemic is over, how would you like the world to be different?
  • If you were primeminister for a day, what would you do and why?


Please ask us about our views on these these questions.


December 2020: Goodbye Miss Bevans and thank you for teaching us!

November 2020: Woodlouse Choice Chambers

Year 6 had a very interesting afternoon carrying out an experiment to see which habitat woodlice prefer. We designed and built our choice chambers, considering light v dark and dry v damp, and then invited lots of lovely woodlice to move in. We recorded their behaviour over a set period of time. We will use our results to write up a science report next week. Please ask us about this!


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October 2020: Fantastic Fossils!

This week we explored fossils and examined how they can provide evidence of evolution.

September 2020: Newspaper self-portraits

This week we continued with our self-portraiture theme by ripping up old newspapers to embellish our printed images. We considered texture and colour and used words to express who we really are.

September 2020

Have a read of or Skellig Michael travel brochures. Have we persuaded you to visit?

September: grass houses!

6A showed tremendous collaborational skills during breaktime and lunchtime creating a mowed grass house with rooms for everyone.


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September: 'blind' self-portraits using mixed media. Can you recognise us?

September: observational self-portraits using tonal sketching - Can you recognise us?