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Accelerated Reader

You can support your child with Accelerated Reader at home by:

  • continuing to read with them,

  • helping them to choose books,

  • monitoring their progress in the quizzes for the books they read.


Helping choose books

In school, your child will complete a star reading test which will assess their reading fluency, word knowledge and comprehension skills. This will give them a ZPDor book range, this range shows the best books for child’s reading ability. Their class teacher will give them a book level target within this range to help support and develop their individual needs.


At, you can use the advanced search option to choose books within your child's ZPDthat are of a suitable interest level for your child’s age as well as the genre or types of books they are interested in. These books can then be sourced from the public library or other book providers. Alternatively, you can search our school library to see if we have a suitable book for them. To do this, you need to enter our school’s keycode: DK173601.You can also use the school's library site, Reading Cloud to search for books using their ZPD or book level on the advanced search.


Monitoring your child's progress

Once your child has finished a book they can come into school and complete an online quiz. A score of 80% or above correct indicates that they have read and understood the book they have read. You can follow your child's progress using Homeconnect on Accelerated Reader. Your child should bring home a letter at the start of the year with details of this.