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Current Curriculum Content

How did the Victorian Era shape Britain?

Art We have been looking at various settings and describing what ‘Wonderland’ could have looked like. In art we created our own images of ‘Wonderland’.


We have been reading and following a range of instructions. We wrote our own instructions to make a 'Thaumotrope' - A Victorian toy. 


We designed and made a Victorian wooden peg doll. We compared the design of a Victorian clothes peg and a modern peg and noticed similarites and differences. 


We looked at and handled replica toys that children in Victorian times would have played with. We made a human time line to show and discuss how toys have changed over time. 


We have looked at a local Victorian building; the Royal Agricultural. We have seen how it has changed over time and the impact it has had on the local community.  


Who is a Muslim?


We have been learning about what our rights our. We ranked them from the most to least important. We will be comparing our rights to that of a Victorian child. 

PSHE - anti bullying week

We condsered the qualities of what makes a good friend.


We used Ipads to find information and answer questions about Queen Victoria. 


We have been using 'Base10' resources to show our knowledge of place value (tens and ones).