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Year 6

February: Year 6 musical performance

We were very proud to perform 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams to the rest of the school this afternoon. We sang harmonies with two sets of singing parts and accompanied our singing with xylophones. The audience absolutely loved our energy-packed rendition. Well done Year 6!

Spring Term 2020: Does the punishment fit the crime?

Have you ever wondered why people commit crimes? Or how their punishments are decided? Does our justice system seem fair to you? Well, it's taken many hundreds of years to get to this point and Y6 will be examining how crime and punishment have changed over time from Romans times through the Anglo-Saxon, Tudor, Georgian and Victorian periods up to our modern day legal system. We will be comparing and contrasting both crimes and punishments in context in order to better understand how the world has progressed but also how some things remain just the same. We hope to invite parents and carers to attend a mock historical trial later in the term and we will be participating ourselves in Cirencester Mock Trials along with other local schools at the Magistrates Court next term. Please ask us about what we are learning!

December: Y6 Visit to Oxford Natural History Museum


To conclude our learning about Evolution this term we took part in a special workshop at which we were able to observe and handle specimens in order to explore how animals have evolved to survive in their habitats. We looked at the work of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace on natural selection and examined important fossil evidence of the history of life. We were also able to explore the many exhibits in the museum, from huge dinosaur skeletons to insects, rocks and minerals.  Please ask us about what we saw and learned about during our visit!

November: Y6 Young Shakespeare Company production of Romeo & Juliet


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