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Sports events 2022 - 2023

Big Experience - I am a Professional Cricketer!

KS2 Sports Day at Cirencester Primary School

Year 5 and 6 Rounders at Kingshill School

Cheltenham Cricket Finals

Area Sports at Deer Park School

Boys' Cricket Festival at Cirencester Cricket Ground

District Sports at Cirencester Primary School

Watersports Club at Lake 86, South Cerney

Year 4 Tag Rugby at Cirencester Rugby Club

Orienteering at Far Peaks - Northleach

Year 4 Tennis Festival at Kingshill School

Year 4 Quadkids at Kingshill School

Year 5/6 Dodgeball at Kingshill School

Indoor Cricket at Kingshill School

Y5/6 Quadkids at Kingshill School

Move to Music Workshop

BEE NETBALL at Kingshill School

Outstanding netball from all three Stinger netball teams at Kingshill School on the 21st and 22nd of March. The teams played brilliantly and despite being a little rusty with the rules (where can we go!), everyone played back-to-back netball matches and it was tough! With one of the Stingers teams playing with no subs (no breaks at all!), it was a pleasure to watch the team's skills develop from one match to the next. Thank you to every single player for their utter determination and self-belief throughout the afternoon. 

South Cotswolds Cross Country Running Finals

BIG EXPERIENCE - Panathlon Challenge and visit to Paternoster School

What a success our Big Experience day turned out to be! Sixteen children from years 5 and 6 spent an enjoyable morning at Cirencester College experiencing a variety of adapted sports. A great deal of team building, forward planning and self-belief was needed. Both our teams, learned lots about themselves and when not to give up! 

The afternoon was spent meeting the children and staff at Paternoster School and finding out how the school is run and experiencing a literacy and PE lesson. An afternoon, I know, the children thoroughly enjoyed and will not forget. THANK YOU Paternoster School.   

Gloucestershire Schools Championship - Dodgeball Silver Medalists

What an outstanding day of under-11s dodgeball at Cirencester College and thank you to every player for upholding their school values during the day and playing brilliant dodgeball. Everyone knew that it would be a tough day but were confident with the latest rules and tactical play learned at school. We started confidently with a decisive win against Leighterton Primary, drew against a strong Powells team in our second game but then came up against the ultimate winners and lost our third game against St Mary's of Marlborough. Not deterred, we went on to win all but one of the rest of our games finishing in second place. Massive credit goes to our year 5 and 6 team for their resilience and determination from start to finish. A stunning team and congratulations to every single player. 

Cross country running at Deer Park School

Thank you to every single runner that took part in Deer Park's very cold Cross Country running event on Tuesday 28th February 2023. It was a great event with years 3 and 4 running 1000m and years 5 and 6 running 1500m. Very tiring but lots of fun!

Year 3 Multiskills at Cirencester Arena

Thank you year 3 for your excellent behaviour and for upholding Cirencester Primary's school values throughout the entire event. A brilliant afternoon of multi skills and lots of new skills learnt. 

Cross Country Qualifier at Far Peaks Centre

Dodgeball at Kingshill School

Year 5/6 Football Skills at Cirencester Arena

Year 5/6 Football Skills at Cirencester Arena

Year 4 Sportshall Athletics at Kingshill School

Thank you year 4 for such a great afternoon of Indoor Sportshall Athletics - BRILLIANT!

Quicksticks at Deer Park School

Thank you, Deer Park and all their young leaders for putting on another brilliant sporting festival. Cirencester Primary School entered three very keen teams into a year 5/6 Quicksticks Tournament on Monday 23rd January and played with determination and self-belief from start to finish. All three teams performed well with a mixture of results however, a big congratulations need to go to our red team for finishing an amazing second place at the end of the afternoon - a great result. Thank you to all the children for their excellent behaviour throughout the afternoon.  

Year 5/6 Benchball at Kingshill School

Thank you to all the children that took part in an enjoyable afternoon of benchball at Kingshill School on Wednesday 18th January. After a fun warm-up from the Kingshill young leaders, it all turned very competitive when we were paired against Watermoor School in our matches! It was however great fun with everyone's skills improving massively as the afternoon progressed and lots of happy faces.    

Year 4 gymnastics at Deer Park School

Thank you to Cotswold Gymnastics, Mrs. Pauling, her young leaders and all the children from Cirencester Primary for such a brilliant afternoon of gymnastics. 

Year 5/6 Netball at Kingshill School

Thank you to all the children that took part in such a successful afternoon of netball skills and match play at Kingshill School on Tuesday 10th January. Everyone was certainly put through their paces by the Kingshill School young leaders and Mrs Pauling but, I am certain, had a great time. Thank you to all the parents and staff that helped make the afternoon such a success.

Christmas Sports Quiz - December 2022

Congratulations to our Christmas quiz winners in classes 5/6 A, B and C. We celebrated the end of term and the fact that it was very difficult to get outside for PE lessons with an end-of-term Christmas quiz. What a brilliant afternoon we all had - great answers!  

Skipping workshop at Kingshill School

Another excellent afternoon of skillful skipping and a very physical one too - very tiring indeed!

Panathlon - Tenpin Bowling at Gloucester Tenpin Bowling

What a brilliant afternoon of tenpin bowling at Gloucester Tenpin and Cirencester Primary finished an amazing 2nd place! We weren't expecting such a successful result but it was lovely to take home second-place medals! Thank you to everyone that helped make the afternoon such a great success.


Cirencester Primary School Football Tournament

On a beautifully sunny afternoon at Cirencester Primary, fourteen local Primary Schools competed for the opportunity to win the annual 2022 CPS football trophy. What an afternoon of football it turned out to be! Cirencester Primary's two teams played with passion, self-belief and utter determination. Their skills were a pleasure to watch and they certainly deserved their finishing positions. CPS red finished a BRILLIANT second place earning themselves silver medals and CPS white finished fourth place narrowly missing out on a bronze medal. Two outstanding performances. Thank you to everyone that made the afternoon such a success and for all the support during the day.     

Sportshall Athletics at Cirencester College

What an afternoon! What an event! What a team! Congratulations to every single person in our successful CPS Indoor Sportshall Athletics team. Only a week earlier, we were having a fun Cirencester Primary event at Kingshill School and a week later were facing a challenging afternoon against Bourton the Water and Ashton Keynes Primary Schools. Knowing that we won the event last year, we wanted to keep our expectations high and we certainly did! We won by a comfortable 20 points and had a great deal of fun doing it. The noise was electric from start to finish and the team spirit and sportsmanship were a pleasure to watch. Thank you to everyone that took part for your hard work and utter determination.     

Boccia and New Age Kurling at Kingshill School

Thank you to our Boccia and New Age Kurling team and Mrs Jones for such a brilliant afternoon of Boccia and New Age Kurling skills. A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and very competitive as well! 

Fun Sportshall Athletics at Kingshill School

Thank you to all the year 5 and 6 children that took part in the Fun Sportshall Athletics event on Tuesday 1st November at Kingshill School. It was an amazing experience and the atmosphere was buzzing from start to finish. Over forty children, from years five and six threw javelins, chest-passed netballs as far as they could, jumped as high as they could, jumped as fast as they could (speed bounce), threw bean bags into hoops and finally, when they thought it was all over, raced each other in relay races! Wow, that’s when it really turned competitive and to see the determination and desire to win was brilliant. Thank you to everyone for making the afternoon such a success. 

Tag Rugby at Cirencester Rugby Club

Another amazing afternoon of sports enrichment at Cirencester Primary and this time we spent it playing competitive tag rugby at Cirencester Rugby Club. It was the perfect way to finish off our tag rugby topic in PE and allow thirty children the opportunity to share and practise their learnt skills while playing matches against other Primary Schools. Even the progress during the afternoon was amazing and our three teams played skilful, supportive rugby displaying great team work from start to finish. I know it's not always about winning but I know our three teams were certainly successful and played with determination and lots of self-belief. Thank you to everyone that helped make the afternoon such a success.   

Year 5/6 Netball at Kingshill School

Thank you Kingshill young leaders and Mrs Pauling for laying on a brilliant afternoon of netball skills and game play for our years 5 and 6 and what a fun afternoon it was. Without having played any netball since last year, everyone was a little unsure about the rules, correct positioning and what to do but they soon picked it up and learnt a great deal during the afternoon. I can see we have a few budding stars and I am looking forward to our next event after Christmas.   

Year 3/4 Football at Cirencester Town Football Stadium

Thank you to both our year 3/4 football teams for an afternoon of skillful football. It was a mixed afternoon of winning and losing but certainly an afternoon of resilience, determination and learning. Thank you to everyone that took part. 

The three quicksticks teams - red, white and green

With our quicksticks topic almost over, it was a privilege to be able to enter Deer Park's Fun Quicksticks Festival. Thank you to our three teams (red, white and green) who practised their skills brilliantly improving them at every different station, displaying our school values and even winning all their matches at the end of the festival - what an afternoon!

Thank you as well to Deer Park's young leaders for helping run the event and Deer Park School. We are all looking forward to the next quicksticks event in the New Year.    

Quicksticks at Deer Park School

Year 5/6 Girls' Football Festival at Cirencester Football Stadium

Girls’ Football Festival at Cirencester Town Football Stadium

Congratulations to every single girl that played in the Cirencester Town Football Festival. It was an amazing afternoon of competitive football and lots of fun! Without any match play at all and not even knowing what the teams were until the morning of the festival, the girls were outstanding from start to finish. They all played their hearts out and by the end of the festival were really feeling it! 
Our competitive team reached the finals but sadly lost 1 – 0 during extra time against a lucky Powell’s team - so close! And well done to our development team who finished the afternoon with a mixture of winning, drawing and losing. It was a brilliant afternoon of football and I know the girls learnt a great deal and upheld our school values admirably.   



Skipping and team building workshops with year 6

Team Cross Country at Kingshill School

Five Key Indicators

Cirencester Primary is awarded School Games GOLD AWARD 2021 - 2022

School Games GOLD AWARD 2021 - 2022