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Sports events 2021 - 2022

Sports Day at Cirencester Primary

I think the smiles say it all! What a brilliant day of inclusive sports at Cirencester Primary and well done to all the children for their great sporting attitude from start to finish. Thank you very much to everyone that made the day such a success and to all the parents that attended and the brave few that ran at the end of the afternoon. VERY competitive indeed! 

Our amazing rounders teams - Kingshill School

Year 5/6 County Cricket Finals in Bristol

What a day of incredible cricket and thank you to the entire team for their sportsmanship, teamwork, excellent cricketing skills and for just thoroughly enjoying playing cricket! We encountered very strong teams during the day, winning one match and losing two. It was an absolute pleasure to watch our team play under pressure but never give up, always support each other and always have time for a smile.

Thank you very much to Mrs Kilby, Ms Shadbolt and Mrs Cook for their support driving to Bristol, cheering our team along throughout the day and the coffee!

Dodgeball National Finals in Stoke on Trent

What an outstanding day! I am so proud of the entire team for their maturity, sportsmanship, self-belief and utter determination throughout the day. Everyone knew it would be a long tough day; even when things weren't quite going our way everyone picked themselves up and played tactical and skilful dodgeball. We lost a close fought first game, lost our second match decisively and then won our final two matches displaying brilliant teamwork. Our dodging, throwing and catching were even commented on by the umpires and we were even praised by another teacher for our great play.


Thank you to everyone during the day for your help and support. AN AMAZING DAY! 

Year 4 Cricket Festival at Poulton Cricket Ground

Thank you to Poulton Cricket Ground, all the staff on the day and, of course, ALL our amazing year 4 children for such a great day of cricket. Both teams learnt so much during the day, displayed great respect to the other schools and improved their cricketing skills massively. A brilliant day all round.   

Girl's Cricket Festival at Cirencester Cricket Ground

What an amazing day of cricket at Cirencester Cricket Ground and a wonderful way to finish of our cricket topic at Cirencester Primary. Thank you to the thirteen girls that took part and played brilliantly throughout the day. I was so impressed with the progress all the girls have made; their teamwork, fielding, batting and bowling was a pleasure to watch. Congratulations to our Red team for reaching semi-finals. Sadly, we lost against a strong Bourton team by only 16 runs but played brilliantly, displaying consistently strong bowling and batting throughout the match. 

What a great day and well done to every single player and to Mr Robinson for his excellent coaching skills.

Cricket Festival at Cirencester Cricket Ground

Congratulations both our year 5 and 6 cricket teams who performed admirably while taking part in a Cricket Festival at Cirencester cricket ground on the 9th June 2022. Every single player improved their skills throughout the day, learnt a great deal about teamwork and the game of cricket. Furthermore, we WON and are now going to the County Finals (team in the tee shirts next to the pink stumps!). AMAZING NEWS!

Year 4 tennis skills at Kingshill School

Year 4 Quadkids at Kingshill School

What an outstanding aternoon our year 4 Quadkids teams had at Kingshill School on Wednesday 4th May. Our two teams came a very respectable 3rd and 6th place, competing against five other local Primary Schools.

The smiles during the afternoon said it all with every single competitor trying their absolute hardest and showing such determination, perseverance and self-belief throughout the competition. I am certain one or two children didn’t realise that they could run as fast as they did or even jump and throw as far as they did - amazing!

Thank you to everyone.

Dodgeball at Kingshill School

Another brilliant afternoon of dodgeball at Kingshill School and very good practise for our year six championship team! With three year five and six teams taking part and fifteen teams at the event, we all knew it would be lots of throwing, dodging and fun. I am so pleased to say it was a very successful afternoon with all our teams finishing in the top five positions and one team even coming first equal with Powells School - brilliant.

A big thank you to Mrs Last and Mrs Kilby for their excellent coaching and managing skills during the afternoon and trying their best not to be too competitive! 

Year 4 Tag Rugby at Cirencester Rugby Club

At last, after three long years tag rugby is back on the sporting calendar! A big thank you goes to both our tag rugby teams for firstly turning up to two intense training sessions and then playing their hearts out at Cirencester Rugby Club. Every single player was AMAZING! Watching both teams play was a pleasure, especially as every game played was an improvement on the previous one. To sum up the afternoon I can honestly say everyone had lots of fun, improved their knowledge of tag rugby rules and skills and won most of their matches (I think we only lost four out of the twenty or so games we played!).  A brilliant afternoon of competitive rugby.

Netball at Kingshill School - bronze medalists

Netball at Kingshill School

WELCOME BACK NETBALL! What an exciting two afternoons of netball from our two incredible teams. Putting together all their skills from PE and games and Mrs Pauling's Netball Club, both teams played amazingly skillful and determined netball. It was a pleasure to watch and the level of skill was even noticed by the Kingshill School Young Leaders. I quote, 'WOW! You have a very good team!'

Thank you to all the players for their participation and to the players that stepped in at the last moment. The overall enthusiasm was so evident. Well done Cirencester Primary!  

Panathlon at Cirencester College

BRILLIANT NEWS! A third place finish for our amazing Panathlon team on the 15th March at Cirencester College. However more importantly, the entire team mastered many new skills throughout the day and learnt a great deal about themselves. Apart from improving their agility and throwing skills, they displayed great teamwork, resilience and determination form start to finish. 

County Cross Country Championships

As a result of finishing in the top 10 in the Deer Park and Kingshill cross country races, Harry and Esme were selected to represent the Cirencester and District team in the  County competition at St. Edwards Preparatory School - a fantastic achievement.

A massive congratulations goes to both of them and especially Harry as the Cirencester boys team came a very impressive second place (silver medal!). 

Cross Country running at Deer Park School

THANK YOU so much to all the children that turned up on a bitterly cold afternoon at Deer Park School and ran in the first area cross country event for over two years. It was brilliant to see the smiling faces (at the start!) and sense of accomplishment at the end of all the races. I hope we can see many more children at the Kingshill event on the 8th March!  

Large Schools Sportshall Athletics at Cirencester Leisure Centre

What a team, what an afternoon and what an outstanding result! Cirencester Primary win the Large Schools Sportshall Athletics beating Bourton on the Water, St Lawrence and Fairford Primary Schools. Having narrowly missed first place last time the event was run in 2020, everyone had high hopes of a strong finish and they did it! Thank you to every single competitor for their absolute determination and self belief from start to finish. With only twenty points separating the four schools, it was a very closely matched afternoon of competitive sport. In the end, it all depended on the final team relays and both our girls and boys teams comfortably led the field finishing in first places - brilliant!      

Year 5 and 6 Dodgeball at Kingshill School

Thank you to Kingshill School Young Leaders and Mrs Pauling for organising such a great afternoon of dodgeball for our year 5 and 6 children. With eight Cirencester Primary teams playing against each other, it turned into a very competitive afternoon! Lots of new skills learnt and very tired arms by the end of the afternoon! Another excellent afternoon of sport.  

Year 6 Gloucestershire Schools Dodgeball CHAMPIONS!

What an afternoon of dodgeball and what an OUTSTANDING RESULT! Ten year 6 children took part in a Gloucestershire Schools Dodgeball Championship at Cirencester College and came first winning the entire event! It was an incredible day of hard played dodgeball and considering it was the first time we have played competitive dodgeball every single player was absolutely amazing. It was a pleasure to watch the teams, determination, teamwork and desire to win from start to finish.

Well done - you were BRILLIANT.           

Year 5/6 Cross Country County Qualifier

Congratulations to Harry and Esme who have qualified (only the top ten qualified) to take part in the County Competition in the coming weeks. From what I gather, it was a very tough course that tested all the runners on the day.

Thank you to our team of four runners and the parents that transported everyone to the event.   

Year 4/5 Multi Skills at Kingshill School

Year 2 Gymnastics at Kingshill School

Twenty, year two children spent an energetic afternoon at Kingshill School practising their balancing (including paired balances), jumping and rolling skills and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Well done to every single gymnast for putting in so much effort and trying their hardest. All the Kingshill year 11 young leaders and school staff were very impressed. 


I have to say we have some very skilled year two gymnasts at Cirencester Primary. 

Year 6 Quicksticks Festival at Deer Park School

What a fantastic afternoon of competitive quicksticks at Deer Park School. Cirencester Primary entered three incredibly keen teams and finished the afternoon with lots of smiles, improved skills and many wins. Thank you to all the teams for their self belief, determination, teamwork and passion for the game. An excellent afternoon!

Year 4 Gymnastics at Deer Park School

What a brilliant afternoon all our year four gymnasts had at Deer Park School on Monday 17th January 2022. It was a fun packed afternoon experiencing a wide variety of gymnastics equipment and experiences ranging form yoga to parkour.


Thank you to everyone that took park for displaying all our school values form start to finish.

Christmas Sportshall Athletics at Kingshill School

Thank you to all the year 5 and 6 children that made the Christmas Fun Sportshall Athletics event so successful. It was amazing and the atmosphere was buzzing from start to finish. Over fifty children, from years five and six threw javelins, chest passed netballs as far as they could, jumped as high as they could, jumped as fast as they could (speed bounce), threw bean bags into hoops and finally, when they thought it was all over, raced each other! 


It was lovely to watch and see lots of red and smiley faces!  

Christmas Sportshall Athletics - enjoy

The results - green team first place!

Cirencester Primary Football Tournament - November 2021

Having missed two years of football at Cirencester Primary, the CPS Football Tournament was back on our school field and what an afternoon of football it was!

Cirencester Primary entered two very keen teams pooled from the football after school club and they played their hearts out from the opening game to the last one. Credit needs to go our red team who lost on a penalty shoot out to Powells School in the semi-finals - so close! Powells in turn went on to win the tournament beating a very strong St Marys of Tetbury. 

It was a brilliant afternoon of football and lovely to see so many children enjoying a game that they love playing. 

Girls' Football Festival at Cirencester Town Stadium

Congratulations to every single girl that played in the Cirencester Town Football Festival on Monday 8th November 2021. Amazing! Without any match play at all and not even knowing who was in their teams, the girls were outstanding from start to finish. They all played back to back football for just under an hour and by the end of the festival were really feeling it! Despite all this, we came a very respectable 3rd place, learned a great deal and played skillful football.

Thank you to all the girls that participated and displayed the CPS values the entire afternoon.


Year 3 and 4 Football Festival at Cirencester Town Football Stadium

After almost seventeen months, Cirencester Primary are back in their team colours! It's been a very long time without competitive sport and year 3 and 4 were very pleased to kick us off! What an afternoon as well. Firstly, we were honoured to be allowed to play at Cirencester Town Football Stadium (thank you) and secondly, able to be part of such an enjoyable festival with four other schools. Well done to both our teams for showing respect throughout the afternoon and playing good football. Thank you too to all the parents for supporting CPS during the afternoon. When's the next match? 

Amazing results at Kingshill School team Cross County

What an afternoon of incredible running, determination and self-belief, falling over, shoes falling off and TWO OUTSTANDING first places!

Thirty-one children took part in a demanding cross county running event at Kingshill School against incredibly tough competition from Fairford Primary, St Lawrence Primary and Powells School and they ALL held their own! Every single runner ran with everything they had and performed brilliantly. Even though it was a team event, we finished the afternoon with some incredible results. Congratulations goes to everyone but in particular Eleanor (Y4) and Isla (Y6) for finishing first in their races. This is such an outstanding achievement knowing how good all the runners were from the other Primary Schools. 

Thank you to everyone that took part and I hope I will see you all at the next race!      

Year 6 Handball Skills at Cirencester College

Quicksticks Skills Festival at Deer Park

What a brilliant afternoon of quicksticks year six had at Deer Park on Monday 4th October. Approximately twenty children took part in, what I hope to be, the first of many Sports Enrichment events we are going to have at Cirencester Primary this school year. 

Thank you to everyone that participated for their excellent behaviour and team spirit throughout the afternoon.