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Sports events 2021 - 2022

Year 3 and 4 Football Festival at Cirencester Town Football Stadium

After almost seventeen months, Cirencester Primary are back in their team colours! It's been a very long time without competitive sport and year 3 and 4 were very pleased to kick us off! What an afternoon as well. Firstly, we were honoured to be allowed to play at Cirencester Town Football Stadium (thank you) and secondly, able to be part of such an enjoyable festival with four other schools. Well done to both our teams for showing respect throughout the afternoon and playing good football. Thank you too to all the parents for supporting CPS during the afternoon. When's the next match? 

Amazing results at Kingshill School team Cross County

What an afternoon of incredible running, determination and self-belief, falling over, shoes falling off and TWO OUTSTANDING first places!

Thirty-one children took part in a demanding cross county running event at Kingshill School against incredibly tough competition from Fairford Primary, St Lawrence Primary and Powells School and they ALL held their own! Every single runner ran with everything they had and performed brilliantly. Even though it was a team event, we finished the afternoon with some incredible results. Congratulations goes to everyone but in particular Eleanor (Y4) and Isla (Y6) for finishing first in their races. This is such an outstanding achievement knowing how good all the runners were from the other Primary Schools. 

Thank you to everyone that took part and I hope I will see you all at the next race!      

Year 6 Handball Skills at Cirencester College

Quicksticks Skills Festival at Deer Park

What a brilliant afternoon of quicksticks year six had at Deer Park on Monday 4th October. Approximately twenty children took part in, what I hope to be, the first of many Sports Enrichment events we are going to have at Cirencester Primary this school year. 

Thank you to everyone that participated for their excellent behaviour and team spirit throughout the afternoon.