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What can we learn about dinosaurs from their fossils?

Geography - Using atlases to locate places in the British Isles


We looked at the different maps in the atlases and all the information we can find out from them. We then located and labelled the different countries and surrounding seas in the British Isles and tried to label where Cirencester, Lyme Regis and the capital cities of the different countries are too. 

Trip to Birdland


We visited Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water to find out about the link between birds and dinosaurs. 

Some dinosaurs were types of lizards and some were birds. Scientists found this out by studying the fossil skeletons of different dinosaurs. Some had hip structures more like lizards and some had hip structures more like birds. 

We then looked at the different birds and identified some of the similarities in features between birds today and dinosaurs.