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Race for Life at Cirencester Primary

Cirencester Primary have raised an outstanding £770 for Cancer Research UK and what an afternoon it was. With a combination of a running track, hay bales, ball pit, water guns, parents and around 400 children everyone had lots and lots of fun. With the entire school taking part in this inaugural event, the atmosphere was one of enjoyment and determination. It was lovely to see parents and children running, walking, cartwheeling, crawling or just pushing prams and experiencing a real sense of togetherness at Cirencester Primary. Thank you has to go to the Winter and Moroto families for supplying the hay bales and a massive thank you to Mrs Jones for being the driving force behind this event and also The Race for Life team. We hope to make it an annual event so get training for July 2019.

Watersports Club

Well done to everyone that took part in Watersports Club at Cotswold Water Park Hire this summer and congratulations for successfully passing The Paddlepower Passport and Paddlepower Discover Awards.

It has been a brilliant nine weeks of canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.  

Year 4 Hockey Festival at Deer park School

What a lovely way to finish our sporting year with year 4 taking part in an enjoyable Hockey Festival at Deer Park School. After three weeks of coaching from Vinny, an external hockey coach, twenty-one children were keen to display their skills in a competitive way! Entering three teams of boys and girls with similar ability, we surprised ourselves by finishing a very respectable 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the festival! A brilliant result especially as there were medals!

Congratulations to all the children for excellent teamwork and determination during the competition.


Area Sports at Deer Park School

A selection of medals!

On one of the hottest days of the year, 49 children competed in another extremely competitive Area Sports at Deer Park School.

Having taken children to a great deal of Area Sports, as a teacher at Cirencester Primary, the extremely high standards at Primary School Area Sports always amazes me and the standards seem to be getting higher and higher.

Every single one of our children needs a mention for their utter determination and passion on the day. With some children only taking part in one event lasting around two minutes, having to psych themselves up and perform is a tough task. As a school, we performed as well as we could and returned with a collection of well-earned medals of varying colours!

Praise goes to ALL the children for reaching this event after coming in the top two places at District Sports. An outstanding achievement in itself.

A big well done and thank you for representing Cirencester Primary and our school values so well.


Girls' Cricket Tournament

Cirencester year 5 and 6 girls competed at the first round of the girls kwik Cricket Tournament held at Cirencester Cricket Club on Friday 15th June. The girls conducted themselves with excellent sportsmanship kindness and a desire to play well.


They won their first game comfortably against Avening with consistency in bowling from Anya and Iolanda. Batting from all girls was confident and we only lost three wickets in the first game. Having shown that we could come back from losing three wickets, the girls showed determination and commitment to supporting each other.


Our second game was against St Lawrence School. We won this game with ease but showed true sportsmanship in allowing our opponents to enjoy the game. Our bowling had improved and Jasmine took three wickets in her over. Batting was steady and runs came quickly if not with a few scary moments!


Our final game was against St Marys A who were in fact the final winners of the tournament. The girls handled themselves with decorum against a side that clearly had more experienced players. The girls did not allow themselves to be intimidated and batted with accuracy ensuring they protected their wicket. The final score was very close 233 to Cirencester 258 to St Marys.


The girls were a credit to the school and were complimented on their behaviour.


Boys' Cricket Tournament

Mr Palmer

On a warm Wednesday 13th June, Cirencester Primary Schools boys cricket teams (Year 5 and Year 6) travelled to Cirencester Cricket Club to play in the District Kwik Cricket tournament.

The Year 6 team, captained by Harvey Smith, unfortunately only had the chance to play two games in their pool as one team had a minibus breakdown on their travels. Their first game of the competition was against a young team from Leighterton; every member of the team performed well and special mentions go to Ryan Williams with three catches while fielding and a brilliant diving catch from Harvey Jones. Leighterton scored a very catchable total which was made even easier by some great batting from Archie Strange and Harvey Smith.

The next game saw the boys come up against a very strong all round team from Kemble; the boys put in a lot of effort and determination and their ability improved throughout the day, with Lewis Smith and Jayden Kilby, who had not bowled before, bowling over arm and making it look it easy. The player of the day for the Year 6 team was Harrision


Mr Burton

The Year 5 team had a fantastic day, fighting their way to a slot in the final. Unlike the Y6s, they got to play their full set of qualifying games, no easy task considering all the other teams they played were comprised of Y6s and there was barely time to breathe between matches.

We started by beating Leighterton, who set the pace with some great batting and made us feel a little nervous at the start. We upped our game in the second match, against Avening, but somehow managed to lose in the final overs. Undaunted, we thrashed our town neighbours Chesterton in the third and final game, the runs total making us top of the group and sole qualifiers for the semi-final. That’s where it got tough: our opponents, St Mary’s (Tetbury) B team, were very tightly managed, with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude from the go – this proved to be the flavour for the rest of the afternoon.

Tetbury B started very well, but we took a series of five wickets (which count as minus runs), including two amazing catches in the final over holding their final score to 239 runs (everyone starts with 200). However, it was not to be an easy ride. In our first over, they took three wickets in quick succession and constrained us to zero runs in the second leaving us with a negative score sheet. Undaunted, still, we bounced straight back, scoring some blistering sixes and fours that saw us catch up with their score by the end of the fourth over (out of a total of eight). The second half of our match saw us smash home sixes and fours all over the place with just one wicket conceded; in each of the last two overs, we hit four sixes, running home to win with 300 runs and a place in the final. We enjoyed the glory while it lasted.

Nursing their deep wounds, St. Mary’s got out their big guns and threw their A team at us for the final – and when I say big, the whole team, comprised mostly of girls, were tall, athletic Y7/Y8 lookalikes.

It’s all a bit of haze now, but I’m sure I heard their coach say that they would annihilate us – she’d been expecting an all-St Mary’s final - but in true Cirencester Primary spirit, the Y5s put up a fantastic fight losing only one wicket and scoring six sixes. St Mary’s managed to lose only one wicket and scored six sixes too, but it was the consistency of their bowling (at, or right on, our batsmen) that won them the final.

Level 3 Mountain Bike Finals at Hartpury College

Congratulations to Harvey, Archie, Amelia and Harriet for all putting in such a determined effort at the Level 3 Mountain Bike Finals at Hartpury College. This is a brilliant achievement and I know, despite communication issues with the organisers, how hard the team tried.

Looking at the photos of the day there was a great deal going on to entertain the team once the competition finished! Well done to the entire team.

KS2 Sports Day

A big thank you has to go to all the children that took part in another successful KS2 Sports Day. Thank you also needs to go to Ghana Class for setting up all the different stations and year six for helping to run the activities. The afternoon could not have taken place without you!


It was a brilliant afternoon and to quote a parent, “Two amazing days at Cirencester Primary School. Such a wonderful example of teaching, skills, perseverance, determination, both individual and team performance combined with outstanding team spirit.

Many thanks to all staff and students for their hard work.”

Determination and enjoyment throughout the afternoon and the photos say it all!

District Sports at Cirencester Primary

On a very sunny Thursday afternoon, Cirencester Primary hosted another successful District Sports with the help of Mrs Pauling and her great team at Kingshill School. Thank you so much.

With six schools competing during the afternoon, everyone taking part knew that there would be tough track and field events ahead of them and there certainly were! The determination, self-belief and desire to win shone through on so many of the children’s faces. The results certainly speak for themselves with fifty children qualifying to take part in Area Sports at Deer Park School.

Congratulations to every single child that represented Cirencester Primary at District Sports and the effort that they put into all their events. It was a fantastic afternoon of competitive sports.

Year 5/6 Rounders Tournament at Kingshill School

After two terms of Rounders Club, the day finally arrived and the entire club took part in a highly competitive tournament at Kingshill School. With both teams playing five games in separate pools, they used all their skills winning a total of seven out of their ten matches, drawing one and losing two (both were the last games!). Because of this, both teams earned second places in their pools. Another brilliant result for Cirencester Primary. It was a pleasure to watch the high level of skill and sportsmanship the teams displayed with their striking, passing and catching. Very slick indeed!

Year 4 Level 2 Quadkids Final - BRONZE MEDALS!

What an outstanding morning our year 4 Quadkids team had at Cirencester Arena. On Thursday 24th May, our year 4 team came a very respectable 3rd place at The Level 2 Quadkids Finals. The smiles and medals say it all with every single competitor trying their absolute hardest and showing such determination throughout the competition.

A massive well-done has to go to our DOUBLE medal winners with Charlotte coming an amazing 3rd and Amber coming an incredible 2nd overall out of all the girls. A brilliant achievement. Congratulations to the entire team for their perseverance and self belief during the entire event.

Year 4 Gloucester Community Tag Rugby at Cirencester Rugby Football Club

After six weeks of Tag Rugby coaching from Gloucester Community rugby coaches twenty-one children from year 4 entered a long awaited Tag Rugby Tournament at CRFC. With twenty teams taking part and lots of rugby everyone was keen to display their new skills! It was a brilliant day and both our teams played with determination and certainly enjoyed themselves. Every single player showed improved skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Thank you to all the children who took part for representing Cirencester Primary to such a high standard.

Mountain Biking and Archery at Cirencester Rugby Football Club Team gold and individual gold, silver and bronze medals!

What an outstanding day years five and six had at Cirencester Rugby Football Club. On Monday 21st May, nine archers and eight mountain bikers entered a Level 2 Archery and Mountain Biking event and it turned out to be a very successful day indeed! Despite being a very hot day, every single competitor gave 100% whether it was shooting an arrow at a target or racing a mountain bike. We had crashes, tears and even a rider sent back in a race for forgetting his helmet but everyone had a brilliant day. Our archery team came a very respectable 4th place and our mountain bikers finished off with an incredible individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the boys category. Outstanding. Finally, if that was not enough, one of our relay teams won gold medal for winning the relay race. What a day!     

Rounders at Kingshill School

A big well done to all the children that took part in Kingshill School’s Rounders Tournament on Thursday 10th May. The event focused on developing children’s skills in rounders and teaching them all the rules in detail. Rounders is a sport with many complicated rules but once understood it is a thoroughly enjoyable and very competitive game.

Thank you to Mr Palmer for taking both our teams and from the feedback given I understand it was a very successful afternoon of rounders. We certainly won a few matches!

Year 4 Quadkids at Kingshill School

Congratulations to all the children that took part in the recent Quadkids competition at Kingshill School. It was a fun filled and competitive afternoon of running, jumping and throwing. Every competitor had to sprint 50m and run 400m, undertake a standing long jump and throw a howler (a small oval shaped foam ball with fins) as far as they could. We entered two teams with five boys and five girls in each team. One of our teams came a very respectable 3rd place out of thirteen schools and our other team finished an equally respectable 6th place. Two brilliant results. A big mention has to go to Charlotte for finishing an incredible THIRD PLACE overall out of all the girls that took part. An absolutely fantastic result!

Orienteering at Rendcomb College

Ten lucky year 5 children spent an exciting morning learning map reading and team building skills at our first orienteering event held at Rendcomb College. Each team took part in 5 different activities throughout the morning focusing on learning map to ground map reading skills. A big thank you has to go to the Cirencester College students and North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club who lead the event and helped make it such a success throughout the morning.

Dodgeball at Kingshill School

What is dodgeball? Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. The main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them. What an afternoon! Ann Edwards, Ashton Keynes and Cirencester Primary all took part in the tournament and I am certain every child enjoyed every single second. From 3.45 – 5.30 no one stopped throwing, dodging, running or planning their game strategies! There was a competitive element and I am pleased to say our Blue Team ended up coming joint first with Ann Edwards. Another great achievement.

Thank you to all the children for displaying their Cirencester Primary values throughout the event.

Year 4 Tag Rugby Festival at Cirencester Rugby Club

What an amazing day of tag rugby from children in Italy and Sweden classes. Sixteen children had waited patiently many weeks for this festival to arrive. It had to be cancelled before Easter because of snowy weather and it was well worth the wait! With no medals or trophies to be won everyone just got on with enjoying and playing great tag rugby. It was a pleasure to watch both teams improve their skills with every single game played. Sportsmanship was in abundance, combined with teamwork, respect, determination and, of course, enjoyment. Both teams played a total of fifteen games winning twelve of them. An outstanding result!

Thank you has to go to Mrs Jones and Mr Griffiths for coaching the White team so skillfully throughout the day. Finally, thank you to all the children for their excellent behaviour.


Quicksticks Level 3 Finals at Cheltenham Boy’s College

On Tuesday 27th March, Cirencester Primary took part in The Level 3 Quicksticks County Finals at Cheltenham Boy’s College. We were one of only twenty schools in the county to make it to this stage so it was a brilliant achievement and what a journey it has been just getting to this stage. Back in September 2017, both teams successfully qualified in a Quicksticks Festival, coming in the top four, enabling them to enter The Network Finals at the end of January 2018. Finishing in 3rd and 4th place in The Network Finals, they automatically qualified for The Level 3 County Finals and what a day of amazing quicksticks it turned out to be. Both teams played in different pools with the Red team drawing their first match and just losing their other three games. An incredibly tough pool of competitive quicksticks! The White team fared a little better winning one of their games, drawing one and losing two and eventually coming 3rd in The Bowl. Every single player put their hearts into every game and tried their hardest. We had tears, shin pad issues and minor injuries but overall lots of self-belief and I am sure fun.

A big thank you goes to Mrs Smith and Mr Ryan for coaching and helping throughout the day - thank you.

Finally, a massive well done to all the players for representing Cirencester Primary so well and giving one hundred percent of everything they could throughout the tournament.


Cirencester Primary Girls’ Football Tournament - Silver Medalists!

Another afternoon of fantastic football from our girls at Cirencester Primary on Thursday 22nd March. Without prior practise apart from a little football during Thursday break times (except for Thea!), our Red team came a very respectable second in the entire tournament winning themselves a silver medal. It was a brilliant afternoon of competitive football with both teams playing their hardest and improving with every match. Girl of the tournament goes to Thea who displayed excellent footballing skills, despite breaking her football boot, and was top goal scorer! Thank you again to Mrs Jones for acting as assistant coach to the Red team and Mr Griffiths for managing the White team.